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Where can I find paint that glows in black light and is invisible in regular light?

Asked by shadling21 (6496points) January 16th, 2011

I’ve been hunting around online for some time now. I need the paint for a dance performance, and the show is fast approaching – time to order. However, I am no closer to my goal of finding that perfect paint. The paint not only needs to be invisible under regular light, but need to be powerful enough to be visible on stage.

Rosco makes several paints intended for stage use, but a pint (smallest unit) of this stuff supposedly costs $90 CAD (way out of my budget). There are consumer options like Clearneon and the stuff that DirectGlow sells. However, many of these products have received negative or no reviews on Amazon and other review sites.

I welcome any advice Flutherites have on this topic. Have any of you used black light paint (invisible or visible) before?

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Does it need to be paint? wouldnt a UV Thick Nib Permanent Marker *(5mm tip) do the trick? only costs a few bucks.
like this one here

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Have you looked at what this company offers? They’re $8 – $12 a bottle.

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I used to work at Home Depot in the Paint department. Most stores will have that there, and I expect similar big home improvement stores would as well. It should be bright enough for your needs.

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Tide liquid laundry detergent works great for this. We used to use it all over the joint when we’d throw parties. If you looked REALLY close at the walls you could see a hint of it in normal light, but once you hit the black lights everything was AWESOME!

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I just wanted to second @torchingigloos‘s suggestion of using tide. It works amazingly well for this.

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Great suggestions, guys. Thanks! I will try the laundry detergent. I had tested some out, but it didn’t seem strong enough. Maybe Tide will work best. I hear that if the detergent says “brightens clothing”, it will be more effective.

@incendiary_dan Cool! Can it be used on human skin, though?

@Odysseus That would probably work, but I wanted paint, because I want to apply it live, and I the drippiness of paint suits my purposes.

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