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Looking for a tiny, USB rechargeable FM radio?

Asked by jfjuk (1points) January 17th, 2011

Does a pocket sized, headphones-only FM radio that can be recharged via USB exist?

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I would probably go with something like this. It is cheap and has a built in battery and does FM radio. Plus it does mp3s.

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The newest version of the iPod Nano has a radio and is quite small and recharges on USB plus has about 8 gigs of storage for you music, books, etc. No movies on this one though.

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Already have an iPhone so not bothered about other media playback, but that Coby is cheap even if it’s more than I need.

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Yeah, this is pretty much any canadian tire mp3 player, except some of them use a AAA battery.

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I love my new iPod Nano.

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I haven’t seen any recent MP3 players (including iPod and Sansa) that don’t have an FM radio option included.

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It’s frustrating that the iPhone doesn’t have a basic FM radio function. Does anyone know if it’s technically capable of it through a software upgrade?

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@jfjuk – Technically, there is not a hardware FM tuner in a iPhone. I’m expecting to see one in the next iPhone.

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My old Samsung MP3 player has one, but they don’t make it any more. The closest thing to it that they still make is the YP-U3, which is a bit bigger. The Sansa Clip is my fave, and it has the added advantages of being cheap and still in production. The newer iPod Nanos also qualify, but they cost a lot more than the Sansa. Even the higher models of Sansa with more features than the Nano cost less!

@jfjuk Yet another reason I love my Droid X; built-in FM tuner. Granted, I usually stream internet simulcasts of my favorite FM stations, but I do have the FM option only a button press away.

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