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Since when did it become socially acceptable for straight guys to sport belly button rings?

Asked by darksideofthediscoball (45points) April 11th, 2008


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Unless I missed something, NEVER. And hey, I’m open-minded.

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I don’t know when it happened but if you can pull it off I don’t mind. I know this guy that USED to have one and it was hot…well he was hot so I think that’s what made it okay.

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i have seen one straight man with one, and im not sure of how straight he is anymore. so never really.

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I’ve never seen a guy with a belly button ring…

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@amanda- if you REALLY wanna see one, then you should go check out a yoga class. that’s where my eyes were traumatized

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Who said it was socially acceptable?

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They’re questionable on girls, in my opinion- too sorority or porn-ish. Sorry, no offense to anyone.

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@peedub, also very “barbie”

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I don’t like them, period. Ive never seen one on a straight or even a gay guy.

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This question just made me shudder!

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I didnt know they had started to. I dont know any straight or gay guys that have their belly buttons pierced. Thats just weird. =\

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If my by stomach was in a little better shape i would go for it and I’m totally straight. I wouldn’t flaunt it like women do though.

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I think men should start doing this. We then can bring back
mesh half shirts and spandex running shorts with flip flops. Oh and let’s not forget the hats with the flaps in
the back
so your
neck does not
get burned.

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And maybe the straight-rainbow…I have a Country Squire that needs a rainbow on the back window.

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i say go for it!

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Straight rainbows??? I wanna
touch another
man as soon
as I see a rainbow. It holds the power of gay in me. I just don’t know about a straight rainbow peedub.

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haha, I’m talking 60’s-70’s, when it may have been ghey, but not gay.

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i love rainbows, but i also love being straight. i think im in a pickle

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