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Your absolute favourite driving music preferences are?

Asked by ucme (50031points) January 17th, 2011

What tunes travel with you that are undoubtedly top of your personal driving “companion” list? If you catch my drift?

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The Black Crowes, Bob Dylan, Blur, Placebo, Joni Mitchell, Zero 7, The Beatles

I could probably embark on any length of road trip with one album from each of those and not get bored.

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Road trips? Elvis, old Bluegrass, blues..

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At The Drive In. If I drove.

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Music that I’ve always enjoyed while driving would probably fall into the “easy listening” category and I’m also a big fan of Jazz music and that’s very relaxing and entertaining while I’m driving also.

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James Brown
Knarls Barkley (Crazy) This one I put on repeat
Eri Clapton
Lots of blues by mostly any artist.
This is just a starter list.:)

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I generally just put the iPod on shuffle.

I have a pretty eclectic collection ranging from classical, old time radio shows like “Phillip Marlow” and “Have Gun, Will Travel”, to Jazz from the 50’s, to Delta blues, to Hank Williams, to Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs, to Steve Ray Vaughn, to Gregorian chants, to New age meditative stuff, to 80’s punk.

Never know what’s going to come up on the play list… ;)

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Podcasts, actually.

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I just got back yesterday from driving all the way to Florida and back from NJ. My play list was comprised of pretty much everything. Mash-ups, electronic, classic rock, blue grass, metal, jam bands, and ska.

I loved driving to Rob Zombie (though I tended to drive fast :P) and Reel Big Fish,

This song was great to cruise down the road to.

And there was no way I could have made the road trip without listening to this song

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1970s car chase movie soundtracks.

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Sublime, Tool, Stevie Ray Vaughan.

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Cat Stevens, The Beatles, Jackson Browne, James Taylor, and Smashing Pumpkins.

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My driving companion of choice (besides Harple) is an iPod Nano, which contains a mix of classical, rock, golden oldies, Big Band, and opera. A small sampling: Joe Sample, Sinatra Kenny Rankin, Pat Metheny, Ralph Vaugan Williams, Tony Bennett, Everly Brothers, Pink Floyd, Tommy Dorsey, Pavarotti, and Steely Dan.

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OneRepublic, Nickelback, Escala, Bond, Glee Cast, Lady GaGa, Beethoven, Vivaldi, Journey, and single songs by other artists

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Classical music, especially Baroque.

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Glenn Beck “Freeway Jam”
Doors “L A Woman”
Grateful Dead “Friend of the Devil”
and anything by Little Feat

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This weekend my boyfriend was on the east coast so I had his car for 4 days…I’ve listened to nothing but Lady Gaga. Pumps me up for whatever I’m about to do. It puts a little bounce in my step while I’m getting groceries or if I’m going to work, I don’t walk in the door, I cartwheel.

But for road trips, anything.

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David Bowie, Talking Heads, Flaming Lips, My Morning Jacket, Arcade Fire, and Fleet Foxes are all my faves for road trips.

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@KhiaKarma Hopefully your journey doesn’t lead to a road to nowhere….ha :¬)

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@KhiaKarma I was following the I was following the I was following the I was following the I was following the pack….................

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Anything by Meat Loaf

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Classical most of the time, and occasionally 50’s and early 60’s era jazz like Dave Brubeck and Miles Davis (especially Kind of Blue). I also listen to a lot of talk radio shows (the funny ones, not the super-political kind). My favorite is Melinda Lee’s Foodtalk, which is a cooking show.

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@KhiaKarma I worked on the floor of the stock exchange. when we knew it was going to be a crazy day, we’d listen to “Psycho Killer” on the way to work. Best commute music ever…

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@ucme @deni and @zenvelo niiiiice! sounds like y’all could be road trip buddies!

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“Glenn Beck ‘Freeway Jam’”.

Did you mean Jeff Beck?

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@zenvelo HAHA awesome

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If I’m driving slowly through a beautiful place like Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite, then I prefer something like ‘Soon the Light’ by Yes.

If I’m a rockin’ down the highway, then I like something like “Road and the Sky” by Jackson Browne, or ‘Highway 61’ by Johnny Winter.

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@Brian1946 the mention of Tuolumne Meadows just sent me into dreamland

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I think Glenn Beck and Warren Buffet are going to tour together.

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@Brian1946 @deni I am SOOO embarrassed, my mind has gone to mush. yes, Jeff Beck…

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It all depends on my mood, but Van Morrison, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, The Band & Dave Matthews get more play time.

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@stardust Oh gosh yes! Van Morrison! That is good driving music!

@mrentropy I’d love to see the poster for the Beck/Buffet tour!

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Social Distortion, AC/DC, 90’s pop or R&B, Beastie Boys, Journey, Tom Petty, and I like Katy Perry every now and then.

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Lately it’s been a lot of Rage Against the Machine.

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89.1 Purerock They play requests at the drop of a dime and being a college radio station they play everything! I can stream it off my droid into the car sound system and really blast away on road trips!

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