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Where can I get a mac OS 9 system folder?

Asked by phoenyx (7380points) April 11th, 2008

My younger brother and sister just gave my kids a bunch of their old games that were written for OS 9. My understanding was that I’d be able to run them in “classic mode” on our old PPC mac running Tiger. However, when it starts up it asks me to locate the OS 9 system folder (which it doesn’t seem to have). I don’t have any install disks because I bought the computer at an auction from a local elementary school. I only have Leopard install disks, which don’t seem to have any “classic mode” support at all.

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Classic stopped shipping with OS X as of Tiger I believe. I don’t even think it runs on Intel but I may be wrong about that.

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I appreciate the link, but that page doesn’t have any information related to my problem :(

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Actually, Phoenyx, I found this at the support page glial referenced:

You need to have either a OS 9.1 or OS 10.4 or earlier disc, as you need to install the OS 9 system files. Classic mode no longer exists in OX 10.5, so the Leopard discs are of no use.

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Thanks for reading soundedfury… lol

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If it is the OS 9 files themselves you are after then periodically they appear in the alt.binaries.mac.osx.apps news group. Get yourself a newsgroup reader (e.g. Unison from and point at this group and search back as far as your news group provider keeps old messages.

As others have noted, having the OS is not in itself enough, you will also need a Mac able to run the Classic OS. Not sure about Intel Macs, suspect not. But the majority of PPC macs should be OK. At some point they lost the ability to boot directly into MacOS, but find an old one and you should be OK.

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