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Good place in Seattle to transfer old radio tapes to dvd's?

Asked by skfinkel (13537points) January 17th, 2011

My husband had a children’s radio program called “Sunny Side Up” and I have all the old tapes of that. But, they are not accessible as they are. So, I need to get them transferred to something the grandchildren can listen to.

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This link might be informative for you:

If you can provide more information about the physical format of the existing recordings, that could make it possible to provide a better answer to your question.
Is it reel-to-reel tape? ¾” VHS-style cassette? If you don’t know your audio formats, try just posting whatever it says on the packaging. Also, posting a link to some pictures of the tapes could help in identification.

The only difficult part of the process is tracking down equipment that can play the tapes back; the digitizing is easy and can be done anywhere.

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MediaLocks is in Vancouver. I’ve used them, and they’re great!

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