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Opinions on Blue Valentine (the movie)?

Asked by 963chris (1029points) January 17th, 2011

I recently saw Blue Valentine in the theater & was disappointed after all the anticipation; however Ryan G did give a great performance per the usual. The depressing plot didnt bother me so much as the lack of character development & the tiresome cadence of the film.

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I agree that Gosling did a great job, but I think he was the only likeable and intriguing element to the film.
The pace was pretty stagnant, the story was underdeveloped and the ending was…for lack of a better word…shitty.
The only moment I thought Michelle Williams’ character was even remotely interesting was when she told the joke on the bus. She was pretty stale.
Luckily, I saw Black Swan first and then snuck into Blue Valentine after so I didn’t have to pay for that garbage.

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@Vunessuh “Luckily, I saw Black Swan first and then snuck into Blue Valentine” I did that once when I was 15 and could never bring myself to do it again lol

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