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How do you find the sites I've asked you about?

Asked by Anatelostaxus (1425points) January 18th, 2011

What’s your particular means of exploration throughout the web?
I use stumbleupon to reach some of the most random sites the web has to offer.
Fluther, here is a very useful means as well, because one can consult others and share what they’ve found together.
But what are the resources at the basis of these discoveries?
I mean, of course the less known and popular ones as well.
I constantly enter keywords in my search engines that may lead to new and ever more curios resources.
Reveal your secrets, if you like.

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I google. I’ve found answers that other users say that they’ve googled and couldn’t find, so I think maybe there’s a bit of an art to choosing keywords.

I use to enjoy Stumble, until I contracted a catastrophic virus.

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@syz Indeed. there definitely is. Optimizing your searching time is essential.

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A third for Google. For example, for your dog vision question, I just Googled “see what a dog sees.”

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Once in awhile someone opens a great thread on Fluther like this one and I find a lot more fascinating sites.

Go ahead and add a few.

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Google Reader Play
and plain old Google

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Google (by changing the wording, sometimes many times)

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I use which finds what I need and the advertisers pay money to my favorite charity for every search.

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I find it depends on the subject at hand. When I’m bored or don’t have anything on my list of stuff to do I hit stumbleupon to find new things. I’ve found refining your interests on a regular basis helps keep it fresh. For general questions I’ll do a google search but I’ve found putting in the right search parameters is the key to getting proper results. I also tend to look about half-way down the list of results because the first few tend to be total garbage. Once google finds a result, I’ll usually use that resource in the future to track down more specific resources. An example of this would be if I wanted to do shared printing in the cloud and google brings up Lifehacker… I’d then search Lifehacker in the future for similar interests instead of hitting up Google. My newest (and probably best) resource though has been Twitter. Twitter is like google but with instant real-time results and many times you can find people who are online at that very moment who can help out with whatever subject you’re querying. Again, proper search queries are very helpful along these lines. Finally, bookmark EVERYTHING you find remotely useful! If I don’t bookmark a site I find resourceful, I tweet it to my followers with subject based hashtags so I can easily search it in the future (do a twitter search for #scaryrobots as an example). I have my bookmarks sorted into folders based on subject (gaming, graphic design, web design, daily, etc.) and then have them synced in Xmarks so all of my computers have the same set of bookmarks. The main concept is keep information handy in case I need it. (Which has worked out great for answering questions here on Fluther).

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