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How do I delete songs on my ipod nano?

Asked by babygalll (2748points) April 11th, 2008
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Two options:
1. If you have automatic syncing turned on, the contents of your nano will be the same as the contents in iTunes. Which means the only way to delete it is to delete it in iTunes.
2. If you turn off automatic syncing you can just select the nano in the sidebar and delete the song from the list.

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On #2 that’s after plugging in my ipod to my computer? It will automatically show up on itunes? I can’t delete them straight from my ipod? What do I do to turn off syncing?

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There’s an article either on lifehacker or tuaw that recommends rating songs you don’t want 0 stars or 1 star, and then setting up a rule in iTunes to only sync 1 or 2 stars and above. Obviously it doesn’t let you delete right away, but it does let you mark the song for “non-syncing” later.

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@babygalll, if you want to only have certain songs on your iPod (but still keep all of your music in iTunes) with automatic syncing – the easiest way is this: Plug in your iPod, and open up iTunes. Choose the iPod under “Devices”, and on the “Summary” page, you can enable “Sync only checked songs”. You can then choose what songs you don’t want to have put on your iPod by going into your iTunes library and unticking the boxes next to the titles. Sync the iPod again for the changes to take place.

If you don’t want a song on your iPod and in iTunes (you want it gone for good), you must delete it in iTunes. Then sync your iPod again and it should be gone from your iPod.

(I recommend not turning off iPod syncing unless you want to keep your iPod and iTunes library more seperate, which most people don’t need to do.)

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