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How do you start your day?

Asked by jabag11 (676points) January 18th, 2011

I am very curious to know how you all start your day.. and also, your daily routine? People are always so conservative about what they do behind the scenes, but be real and write it out. I’m curious because I want to see if there’s anything one of you do that I could try doing, I mean we are all very different in certain aspects of our lives.

For instance, someone told me the other day, when they wake up, they stretch for a good 10 minutes, I started trying that and man did that help out with my energy levels, not starting the day out in a rush! because I’m one to try to save time.

So please, don’t be afraid, and just spit out what your daily routine consists of, I find it very intriguing to see how different everyone’s will be..

The more specific the better

If you’d rather not, I understand, no problem =D

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~15 minutes of sitting in silence and breathing.

Then I make my bed.
Then I make some coffee/breakfast.
Then the morning ablutions.

When It gets warmer out, I’ll most likely add running back into the routine before brekkie. I hate running in cold weather.

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Eyes open. Squink, squink.

Hear my dog moving about. Get up, and let him out for a pee.

While he is out, I pee, and stare into space. :) (wash hands).

Let puppy in.

Make coffee.

While coffee is brewing, feed doggy and change his water.

Pour coffee, add a bit of cream. Sit down and have a few sips.

Then, put coffee down and go take a shower.

After shower, add some more coffee to my cup, and sit and drink it for a bit (while hair air dries for awhile).

Toast a crumpet. Eat and finish coffee.

Go put on my face (makeup), then do my hair.

Put on my teacher clothes, grab my keys and briefcase, put on a winter coat/gloves and boots, boots, magical boots and out the door I go.

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More and more I find my morning starts with checking Fluther (I think I have a problem). Of course often times lately my “morning” starts around noon, particularly when I work third shift.

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I usually wake around 6, naturally, sometimes earlier, sometimes a little later.
I’m an early to bed, early to rise type. Rarely set my alarm clock.

Yes, stretching is mandatory before exiting the memory foam zone.

I do a bunch of different stretching exercises while still in bed and sitting on the edge of my bed.

First thing, put on sweats or my funky bathrobe over PJ’s & turn up the heat, feed the cats, put the coffee on.

Next, go outside and let my geese out of their barn, feed them if needed and freshen their swimming pools.

Have a cup of coffee. Have another cup of coffee.

Check my email and fluther activity while having yet more coffee. At least 3–4 cups before the launch is complete. lol

Then, if not working that day, the usual clean the house, shop, pay bills, catch up on ‘stuff.’

When I am working I usually don’t start til 11. I usually work 11–5. I have several jobs, one working at my local tourist river store, and helping 2 other friends in their businesses. I really cherish long, lingering mornings.

I have a big yard that takes quite a bit of my time in the summer months, but, have a gardener to help. Winter is much easier.

Jan. & Feb. are very slow months for my work and I write and read a lot when the weather is funky.

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Get up. Get out of bed. Drag a comb across my head. (doo do doo do doo do do).

Seriously, the radio wakes me up. I listen for ten minutes, and then get out of bed, put on my slippers and bathrobe and head to the bathroom. I pee, brush my teeth, and take a shower. I dry off, comb my hair, put some medicine on my scalp, and then go back to my room to get dressed. Dressed, I go downstairs, get a glass of OJ, take my seven pills, then pull on my coat and saddle bag and head on out to work. Pretty boring.

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I wake up,sing this into the mirror,make oatmeal, coffee,put clothes on and head out the door for a walk.Soon to be run :)

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After hitting the snooze button on my radio alarm 2–3 times, I go back to sleep.

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Make that squint, squint :)

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Oh oh, hows Harple gonna like that? hahaha
Might be in for some ch, ch, ch, ch, changes!

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Squink, squink, sounds like you need to oil your eyes. lol

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Ha-PP-ily! Drives the wife nuts….can’t win em all :¬)

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@Coloma—Yeah, don’t I know it !!! ;-)

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When at g/f’s?

After she’s hit the snooze 5 times, we get up. I am usually overheated, as she is like a space heater whilst in bed. Her body gets too hot. I usually have trickles of sweat inbetween my girls.

Brush teeth and then pee (stare into space).

Have coffee with her, get ready, then hightail my ass over the border and go to work.

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I either wake up naturally about five minutes before my alarm is set to go off, or I have to hit the snooze button twice and force myself to get up as the alarm starts for the third time. For some reason, I’ve never been able to press “snooze” only once.

I do about fifty crunches in a center-left-center-right pattern, turn on the shower, and do about ten push-ups while waiting for the water to get warm. It’s not much, but it gets me moving. If I remember, I do leg stretches before the crunches. For some reason, I tend to forget the stretching.

I shower, dry off, wrap a towel around my head (I have long hair), and eat breakfast. Typical breakfast is orange juice, cereal, and fruit. I don’t drink coffee, but OJ perks me right up.

Then back to the bathroom for deodorant, flossing, and the brushing of teeth. I take the towel off my head, get dressed, comb my hair, and I’m all ready for the rest of the day.

(This pattern is more typical of a weekday than a weekend.)

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At three or four in the morning, griping about having to do my homework when I had several hours the day before.

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Wake up and wriggle around/stretch out while still in bed.
Snuggle with my sweetie if we’ve time.
Off to work

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Wake up, no alarm about 6:00 am.
Move around for about 1 minute before getting out of bed.
Walk to the living room, stuff newspapers and wood into the stove, start the fire.
Start coffee.
Take shower and shave if I have a meeting. If not, put on jeans and flannel shirt.
Come out to kitchen and start breakfast. Fluther, email while eating.
Finish and put dishes in dishwasher.
Go outside, feed birds, bring in wood.
Refill stove and start work.
Work, make calls, check stocks, fluther, work, fluther, email, check stocks, etc.
Eat lunch.
Make calls, fluther, email, work, project, etc.
Supper. I am still doing my project of eating expired or old food. (Today will be Angel Food cake from a mix that expired Feb 2008. )
Email, Fluther, watch Roku Vimeo on living room TV.
Load stove.
Turn on low voltage electric mattress pad.
Take shower.
In bed by 9:00.

I intentionally left out any references to the time between 9PM and 11PM as rules of decorum prohibit discussion of such matters.

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@wundayatta beat me to the punch. dang.

After cuddling my baby Barry for a minute or two I go straight to the bathroom. I do nothing before peeing and brushing my teeth. Sometimes I start boiling water for coffee, usually I forget. Then most days I have a bowl of cereal, usually Cheerios or Strawberry granola stuff, and a mug full of orange peach mango juice. Sometimes I throw a banana into the mix and some coffee if I have time. I put some makeup on, get dressed, and off to work, if I work that day.

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Fresh ground strong coffee with 2 sugars, a nicely rolled cigarette… Bam, Im away.

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I’m not much for routines unless dancing and singing are involved. I rarely follow the same routine if I can avoid it. And I’m retired, so I have the freedom to decide if I’ll get up early or late. First decision of the day is to decide if I’m awake. Second, is if I’m going to get up. I don’t even always brush my teeth right then . . I may wait until after lunch (but they’re always brushed at least twice a day, unless I forget. I carry a toothbrush and toothpaste in my purse in case that happens). Sometime in the next hour or so I may make tea or not; toast & jam or cereal & bananas or nothing. My husband makes his own coffee since I don’t drink it. I take my pills regularly. I just don’t let myself know it’s a routine. I may exercise by running down 3 flights to get the papers. I walk back up until I’m out of breath, and I then take the elevator. This may be at the second, third or fourth floor. I may read the paper, do laundry, make soup, make necessary phone calls or sing for a while. Make and eat lunch. The morning goes by too quickly. Or everything I do takes longer than it used to I’m not sure which. I can’t remember how I ever managed to raise two kids, teach, entertain, and stay involved with many activities and interests at the same time. I think it’s possible my energy level has changed. But then, so has my hair color, my eye color, my height, my health and my perspective regarding my life span. It just occurred to me: I’m me, but maybe I’m not the person I used to be.

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I wake up. I lie in bed for 5 to 20 minutes. I get a big glass of ice water and a half of a cup to a cup of coffee. I go to my computer to work. I “work” for a bit – could be minutes or hours. I had gotten into the habit of daily exercise, which I noticed did help my energy levels, actually. (I have since relapsed). Then for the rest of the day I am bored and either continue working or try and think of something to do. Most of that time I am just thinking…

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6:00 – Ipod alarm rings REALLY LOUDLY and it annoys me or makes me happy waking up to a song that i really enjoy .

6:05 – shower

6:15 – come out of the shower and get dressed

6:25/30 – thats when i start doing my make up and filling in eyebrows.

6:40 breakfast and TV or still doing make up since it takes a long time for that and dressing…

7:00 sit and continue eating and drinking tea.

Im the middle of 7 and 7:30 then i just do something that needs to be done at that very moment.

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At 9am my phone alarm goes off with a song I selected the night before. I get my phone and lie in bed checking my emails. At 9:06 my alarm clock goes off, just in case my phone doesn’t work. My phone alarm goes off again at 9:10 and 9:30 to tell me to hurry up.

By this time usually I have gotten out of bed and dressed, then I head downstairs for a bowl of porridge or cereal, which I eat while reading the paper and doing the crossword or sudoku.

Then I put in my contacts, do my hair and makeup, brush my teeth, etc. and hopefully by 10:40 I’m out the door for my walk to work (I love late starts!)

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After reading the responses I can see how this question would be very useful for evaluating potential life partners.

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I wake up about 8 or 9 hours after I went to bed, usually around noon or 1 pm. I take a shower, then get dressed and give my dog a treat.

I make coffee, put my breakfast in the microwave, and put away the dishes from the dishwasher. I turn on my laptop, and eat while I am waiting for it to finish loading.

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Alarm goes off at 5.
I listen to the news for 10 minutes.
Get up, wash, brush, poop.
Get dressed, turn on computer and television. Monitor the local news while I work online for 20 minutes.
Eat breakfast, out the door by 6:35.

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I’m an active sleeper. I do all my stretching, tossing and turning all night long. When I wake, I tell God “Good Morning” and I thank him for the sleep I got, the rest, and sometimes I am thankful for dreams.

Breakfast and coffee are pretty much obligatory. I end up in front of my computer while I wait for the hour I prepare for work.

On Mondays, I try to do my writing, and studies – I’ve slowed way down over the years.

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I went to bed around 12:00, but didn’t fall asleep until about 1:15. I fell asleep until about 4:00 AM with a headache, took an aspirin, and drained the lizard. I woke up two hours later to get ready for school, and it was one of those mornings when my paren’ts made me breakfast ^.^ I had some time to spare before the bus came, and my school decided that 15 minutes before the buses were scheduled to come would be a good time to call a two-hour delay. After getting another two hours of sleep in, I was out the door.

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I get up at 4:30 a.m. not because I’m a morning person. I get up that early because I’m not a morning person. A morning person is like a high performance car. They just turn on the ignition and go. I’m like a steam locomotive that takes a while to build up some steam to get going. And once I get going there it will take a lot to stop me. I start out by taking my vitamins and slamming down two 12 oz glasses of water into my boiler. I then do a half hour of morning chores then do 20 minutes of calisthenics before jogging 8 miles. Then I start my long commute to work while drinking my breakfast (I don’t have time to sit down and eat breakfast at a table) that I prepared the evening before (24 oz of non-fat milk, 3 scoops of oatmeal, 2 scoops of whey protein and ½ cup of Wheaties.) The morning is the best part of my day. The day is all down hill from there.

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@gondwanalon Holy shit for real? You’re a super hero.

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Woke up.
Fell out of bed.
Dragged a comb across my head.
Found my way downstairs and drank a cup.
Looking up, I noticed I was late.
Found my coat and grabbed my hat.
Made the bus in seconds flat.
Found my way upstairs and had a smoke
and somebody spoke
and I went into a dream…

…Take it away, John!

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Get up, pee, shower. Come downstairs and have coffee while reading email and Fluther for half an hour. Go to work with enough time to be half an hour early so I can have breakfast in the canteen before getting to my desk.

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It’s 4:40 in the morning. Just finished Algebra II work. Functions suck.

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I’m a shift worker, so I tend to start my days slightly differently… Apart from waking that is!
On a typical day shift, my day starts 05.00 but by this time I’ve already been up & showered, brushed my teeth & unloaded…. Now I’m awake. sorta! :-/ Get dressed, go downstairs….
Switch on the radio.
Put the kettle on..
Feed the spuds… (cats ) then let them out….
Make up my breakfast & lunch for work…. (kettles clicked off )
Make a strong coffee, gulp it down, eat some fruit (apple, banana, grapes) take my meds….
Have a quick tidy up.. Clean out the spuds litter tray…
Let the spuds back in…
Leave the house…… Ta darrr……. :-/

I’m on a late start today so it kicks off at 09.00 instead of 05.00 :-/
So of course, I come & check what you guys have been up to!!

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I wake up in the mornin’ feelin’ like P Diddy

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6:50 a.m. here, and today…..woo hoo, it’s a Merry Maids day!
Of course I am cleaning a little for the housekeepers, typical woman lol then, up, up, & awaaay….to hang with my daughter, run errands, and come home to the immaculate zone!

Nothing makes me happier than giving myself a housekeeping treat!
Maybe I’ll roll out some bread dough on my bathroom floor tonight. haha

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The very first thing I do after switching my alarm clock off is open the back door so the dog can go into the garden. I then go to the toilet myself (in the bathroom not in the garden).

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Ya know, you might want to go in the garden with your dog, it could be a bonding expereince. haha

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thanks everyone quite interesting!

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@Coloma Do you know how cold it is here at the moment, especially in the mornings!!!

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