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I ride horses as a hobby anyone had an bad horse accidents?

Asked by amandaahoch (30points) April 11th, 2008

tell me a story =D

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Well I never rode horses enough to say I have, but there was this one time my brother and me snuck into a neighbors yard who owned horses. So I decided to get on one bare back and my brother made a loud noise which scared the horse to take off very fast, and was heading towards the stable.Needless to say I jumped off onto a pile of horse shit!! Not to mention I was scared shitless. My brother stood there laughing his ass off while the whole time I could have been killed. It’s funny now all these years later.

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My daughter, at age 13, like many girls, was mad about horses. We sent her off to riding school at a nearby college. I got a call telling me that a horse had bitten said daughter on the lip as she was trying to nuzzle him. She still has the scar altho hardly noticeable. She got back on the horse.

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@gail yeah getting bitten sucks. i get that all the time i work with a lot of green [unexperienced or young] horses, so its just become part of my routine haha

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I hope that the scars are not visible :-)

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@ gail they go away after a bit =D

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Not on the lip. Luckily it is very little and adds to my daughter’s charm. Glad that you are scar-free. G

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Christopher Reeve.

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Before I got married, I used to have some pretty crazy parties on a spot of land my dad gave me! The owner of the adjacent property had horses. One night it was me and about thirty of my close friends down there drinking around a fire, and there was that awkward lull. So, I had the bright idea that everyone put their names in a hat, and we would pair off and joust! That’s right JOUST! One of my friends and I said we would go first. He hopped up on the left side, and fell right off the right side! I jumped on “Maniac”(horses actual name) and with thirty drunk people standing around, hooting and hollering, I guess he got a bit excited! Zero to FAST AS $#!^ in two seconds flat! He headed right for a fence, I had a handful of main, yelling WHOOOOOAAA at the top of my lungs! With no stop in sight I dove off, breaking my left wrist.(which will never be the same) I look up, and there is Maniac stopped, and proudly standing above me. I wanted to punch that horse in the face, but I knew I would probably break my other hand! All of this was bareback, and not even a lead rope!

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My aunt was getting her horse ready for a cattle round up in Idaho. She jumped on it bareback and a halter. The horse got spooked, started running towards a wood fence, stopped suddenly, threw her off. She hit the fence with such force she was killed instantly

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@cornman That is terrible!

I lived in a really small town called Soda Springs, Idaho for a while. I was there doing work on Monsanto. What part of Idaho did she live in?

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I’ve been riding for 4 years, and once i got on this mare (female horse) and she was the scariest horse i’ve ever been on. She bolted when we were cantering and stiffened her neck muscles so i couldn’t turn her. She headed straight for the fence then semi-reared up and bolted left.

When we finally calmed her down, she did it again 15 minutes later, but ran straight at another horse. We both caused a ruckus and scared everyone half to death. They sold that horse a week later lol…

And my mum used to ride when she was younger (she still does a bit now), and she was training up a young horse. The horse reared at a fence and threw her off. When she hit the ground, however, she crushed a bone in her back, next to her spine.

It doesn’t hurt now or anything, but she has to be careful of falling off a horse incase she damages it. If it were any closer to her spine she would have been paralyzed. Scary…

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My cousin rides horses and one time she fell off on a jump and then the horse stepped on her wrist. It was broken in so many places.

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@bulbatron. I grew up in a small town of 300 population called Dingle, just south of Montpelier and only about 35 miles south of Soda Springs. I also worked up at one of the mines operating a locomotive. I grew up around horses but only liked riding them when we would go deer or elk hunting. I saw a lot of horse related injuries in my youth.

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I am 50 now, but rode for many years, and yes, quite a few spills and injuries.

Have a pin in my left shoulder from a severe dislocation from a fall, have had a horse smash it’s head into my face and break my nose, have been stepped on, bitten, ( never kicked amazingly ) but..kicked AT by other horses that did not like my horse getting too close.

Aside from the fall that trashed my shoulder, once of the worst accidents was on a green pony when I was about 12.

A black & white pinto named ‘Diablo’, and he was a devil! lol

Threw me off and ran right over me, smashed my knee and left hoof bruises on my leg, chest. I am lucky that pony did not put his full weight on my chest, it would have been over.

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I think the worst fall i’ve ever had was probably more hurtful to my courage than anything else, besides my silly horse. I had just purchased a very expensive Westfalen gelding who i hoped would take me into the higher levels of dressage. I had only had about 4 years of riding experience prior to my getting this wonderful horse, and had never owned one before. As you can probably understand, i was thrilled, head over heels in love with this horse, who i believed could do no wrong. I had been leasing a horse before this purchase who thought it was funny to buck me off randomly, so i really wasn’t afraid, it had become normal to me, lol. So I was learning how to sit my new horse’s canter and decided I could practise easily by taking him for a long hack. I got the most perfect collected canter on him that day, i am proud to say! On our return trip to the barn, we were walking down a paved road when all of a sudden these dogs came hurdling out of the woods behind us. As any human or horse would have done, we both spooked, unfortunatly, when Faris (my horse) spooked, he slipped on the pavement and down we both went, sliding. All i could think was, “My god, this is it, I have just found my soulmate in a horse and now i’m loosing him. His leg is broken and thats it.”
I lost my confidence on him that day.
Thank goodness for amazing trainers and wonderful friends, because i’m happy to say that today, I am back in the saddle showing and winning on Faris! He is and will always be my love.

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This is an instance that happened to my grandfather in 1931. It is taken from my father’s book, “A Cowboy in the Soul.”
Raised in Wyoming, Dad spent many of his early summers on his step-grandfather’s cattle ranch where his dad, my grandfather, also spent some time working cattle and busting broncos, along with other ranch duties.
“While extolling the values of the newly-captured horses, Dub (Granddad’s brother) first suggested, then later insisted, that Dad should put his saddle on a particularly good looking little gray-colored bronc. “Take ‘im home and ride ‘im for a few days. That’s a good horse, Lem.”
Jim Goodwin, my mother’s older brother, had just arrived from Texas and agreed to ride along on Dad’s horse. They started off for the (their) Corral Creek homestead.
About a block from the house, the gray horse began to buck. Dad held on because he had anticipated such action, and with me on Mom’s mount, we rode up towards the summit.
The sagebrush grew thick in low-lying clumps and jackrabbits often rested in the shade of the taller ones. When frightened, they would jump from their nests and dash away, a hundred feet or so, stop, sit up on their haunches and stare back at the source of their fright. As we rode up the slope towards the summit, a rabbit burst from it’s hideout and Dad’s frightened horse exploded into a wild bucking spree. Dad was not able to stay in the saddle and was thrown off.
When he fell, he landed in a clump of sagebrush and one horse hoof came down on his face. Another nearly crushed his chest. I don’t remember it, but Uncle Jim said my mother screamed and caused her own horse to bolt, but she managed to bring the horse under control and we eventually made our way to the homestead. I do remember Dad as he stood in the doorway, his face raw and bleeding, while Mom tried to clean sagebrush leaves and splinters from what seemed to be a face void of outer skin. This day and what happened would plague him for the rest of his life.”

Not all of the sagebrush was removed from his face at the time this happened, and he was never hospitalized for his injuries. It later caused skin cancer in his face. His was operated on in about 1962 and they removed his left eye and more of the sagebrush. He died of his injuries he suffered that day in 1931, on July 4, 1972.

(“Cowboy in the Soul” by William J. Johnston copyright 2005. Printed by Writer’s Press, Inc. Boise, Idaho 83706)

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@kritiper What a great ( well sad too ) story!

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