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What classes should I take next year?

Asked by Sunshine1245 (123points) January 18th, 2011

Ok, so it is the beginning of semester 2 and we are starting to schedule for next year, I am finishing up my freshman year. I have taken and dont have to repeat, english 9, geom, geography, health, nutrition 1, and spanish 1 and the first biomed course. I know that I will have to take english 10, algebra 2, and spanish 2. There are 3 more biomed courses but in high school I want to take chem. What classes should I take as electives to be a neonatal nurse plus being able to take chem in high school. We can have up to 8 classes a semester, sounting a study hall but I dont think I need one. Please help we schedule both semesters next week..Suggestions on what to do or classes that are fun to take?

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Can you take biomed and chemistry at the same time? Does your school have any other medical classes (such as medical terminology)? Do they have any type of program where you can be a nurses’ aid during study hall? I did that when I was in high school for one year. It was an interesting experience.

What other electives does you school over for you to choose from?

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Can you just take 5 or 6 classes a year in your school. Are you sure you could handle the extreme stress that comes with taking 8 classes? Is there a way you could take a gym class and still get credit for it?

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