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How to get music onto samsung intercept android phone (has issues)

Asked by anonini (164points) January 18th, 2011

Okay, so the said issues are that the phone is not recognized on my computer when plugged in via the usb cable (however it still charges fine on the computer), and the downloadable drivers do not rectify the problem. I have tried using wifi to transfer the songs, but the wifi has issues as well. I need some way to get the music onto the micro sd. Does anyone know how to do this, maybe with an app that transfers the files over a network or something? Once again, wifi and connecting to the computer are out of the question. I also dont want an app to download music, I just need to transfer the songs.

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When you plug the device into the computer does it not give you the option to explore the device?

On Android phones when you plug into the computer the first step is to drag down on the USB ICON on the phone and tell the device to mount to the computer.

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The problem is that it says the device could not be installed successfully. the option to mount is not present on the phone, and I do not have de-bug usb mode on or anything. I have also tried plugging it into all usb slots in the hopes that it might work, but it did not.

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They sell adapters for a microsd to standard SD card. Take the card out and mount it to your computer without the phone. Then put your files on it. The native music app will search the device and find it for you.

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Use SwiFTP Free available on the Market. Easy as pie. That’s if you have a wireless router that allows your PC access to other devices and PC’s. If you don’t you won’t have any fun with this.

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I say @jamms hit it; you need a MicroSD—>SD adapter to slide into your computer’s card reader. And if you don’t have a card reader, you need one.

There is also a way to use the Hoccer app on your phone and their web client on your PC to transfer stuff, but it’s a little involved. Then again, it does work without cables or wifi.

The alternatives are to fix your phone or replace it with one that works. I think the card idea is preferable unless you want to try to figure out Hoccer.

@CoolBoomer No wifi means a router won’t help.

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I had a similar problem with my ageing G1.

Basically, Windows had had a brainfart and decided to treat the phone as a phone rather than recognising it as a mass storage device. You could try to solve the problem the way I fixed mine:

> Open Device Manager with the phone connected and mounted
> Find the phone in the device list and expand the entry
> Double click on the entry for your phone
> Click the Driver tab
> Select “uninstall the driver” and let it do its thing.
> unmount the phone and unplug it, then plug it in to a different USB port (to be on the safe side)
> Let windows install the drivers automatically.

That fixed the same issue for me.

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@CoolBoomer The hoccer solution worked, thanks!
@jamms The adapter would have been my second choice, so thanks as well

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@anonini One thing I love about Hoccer is that, unlike many other file transfer apps for Android, you can share pretty much anything. Music, pics, contact info, apps, and damn near any file in your phone can all be transferred while other such programs are far more limited. And with the web client, that just adds a whole new dimension to it.

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