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Why does the word Oreo® appear so often in the New York Times' crossword puzzles?

Asked by peedub (8698points) April 11th, 2008
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I have done the puzzles for years and would have guessed words like adit,emu, and ana but would suspect that “oreo” is useful because of the three vowels- at beginning and end, too.

Have you tried the cryptics in Harper’s the The Atlantic Monthly?

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I’ve seen emu a bit as well as dodo. No but I’ll check it out.

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They are challenging (Atlantic is only available online and you have to subscribe to the ‘zine, but the forums – called “Post and reposte” are filled with erudite, witty, quick-thinking, unpredictable and overeducated folks who do NOT make Chuck Norris jokes.)

Harper’s in back of “zine; I xerox it in library every month.

And did you see the movie? I forgot the name…about Shortz and the competitors in the annual contest.

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No I’ve heard about it. He spoke at my college not to long ago but I missed that as well.

Thanks for the tips.

Are you a fan of Says You! ?

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I was a fan when it appeared on our local NPR. I haven’t heard it in a long time. There are several other wordgame programs on NPR now. I usually catch them by chance when I am in the car.I have always been a word freak…and still am.

Where are you at school?

Movie is Wordplay” a must-see if you are an xword puzzle nut, as I am.

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I went to UC Berkeley. I’ll be applying to schools fairly soon though.

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In what field? (You look about 16 in your avatar.) If you are CA., it is dinner time. Here, I am going to bed.

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Haha, no I’m much older. I’ll be studying law.


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Subversive advertising by Nabisco?

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Kay stole my answer!

Kay, I hit you with a Great Answer, because you must have read my mind, before I read the question!


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@bulbatron: I thought it was the obvious one, heh.

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Yep! Great Answer!

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It’s a marketing ploy.

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