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What is your favorite type of cheese?

Asked by PhiNotPi (12680points) January 18th, 2011

Mine is either colby-jack or smoked gouda.

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Brie is yummy and so is cheddar. :)

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Pepperjack and cheddar.

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Mature cheddar, maybe stilton.

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Fresh mozzarella or Grana Padano Riserva. Either one tastes so much better when you’re in Italy.

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Jalapeno Havarti

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My least favorite is Nagelkaas.

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I can’t think of any cheese I don’t much like (except cottage cheese, which I hate and I don’t really think of it as cheese anyway).

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Who else had a hankering after reading this question? I just shoved a piece of sharp cheddar down my gullet.

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Shit hot Stilton blue with some awesome quality cracked pepper water crackers…
No wonder i never save any cash..

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Baked ricotta is pretty awesome too.. and, and well aged parmesan, mmm and double brie.. and and..

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Feta. Pepperjack. Ricotta. Almost burned mozzarella. need some cheese now

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There is this Farmers Gouda that we get when we go to one of the local restaurants here that I love. It’s my absolute favorite cheese ever! I can’t wait to go back and get some more and I’m going to miss it when we move.

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Extra sharp cheddar at my desk every morning at work (followed by a nice, crisp Granny Smith apple)

But I have other ‘favorite’ cheeses for other applications:
Provolone on my turkey sandwiches
Mozzarella on pizza
Parmesan on spaghetti
Feta on gyros

Havarti dill as a snack (in a minute or two)

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Pepperjack, mozzarella, cheddar. I can’t choose between them.

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CHEESE ! ! ! Any kind—- Swiss, cheddar, Brie and American. Two kinds of cottage cheese that’s just today.

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Pecorino….mmmm salty deliciousness

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I cant keep looking at this thread anymore.

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Warm, slightly melting brie on toasty French bread (with butter).
Cheddar (mild or medium)
Oh… and every other kind of cheese except Roquefort

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Habanero cheddar.

I really love ricotta cheese on pasta too…. lots of it.

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I concur with everything @Arbornaut said. Stilton (and gorgonzola and most other blues), Ricotta, Brie… I’ll have to add Dubliner as well.

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Cave Aged Gruyere…very yum!!

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Parmesan. I eat that shit plain, with a side of bosc pear, and it makes me feel like I’m an emperor.

The real stuff is obviously the best but the cheaper Wisconsin Parmesan at Whole Foods is actually really good, too.

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Wensleydale. (and if someone gets this joke, I’ll be your instant friend)

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Pepperjack omg omg omg omg om gom gom gomg on pizza omg OMG. No, for real.

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Blue Cheese.

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I like everyone I’ve ever tasted so I couldn’t pick. @Rarebear, if no one guesses will you share? Wondering will be bad for my sleeping health.

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Mature cheddar, Feta, White stilton.
Can’t stand blue cheese though.

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@Rarebear would that be Monty Python’s cheese shop Wensleydale?

Tillamook Sharp Cheddar is my favorite but I’ll eat any cheese that doesn’t smell like feet.

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@rarebear could it make your face “nice and toothy” like dear Wallace’s?”

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Very ripe camembert
Most blue cheeses
Extra mature cheddar

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I get the joke, I think, but Wensleydale is real cheese, isn’t it?

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Asshole. Now I’m drooling.:)

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@CyanoticWasp Wensleydale is indeed a real cheese

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Mozzarella, Munster, Brie

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@Blueroses No, but good guess. It’s from Wallace and Grommit. Wensleydale is Wallace’s favorite cheese.

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I’m boring because I love nothing more than really mature Cheddar. Not only is it my favourite cheese it’s also one of my favourite foods.

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@Rarebear You missed my answer ^^^^^^ How can we become instant friends if you start with ignoring me?~ p.s. I adore Wallace and Gromit!

To the question I think cheese should be an official food group.

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@liminal You’re right! I missed it!

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It changes with the offers they have on at the Supermarket but I recently have really liked Port-Salut.

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Jalapeno pepper jack and Muenster

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