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What is your key motivation to stay on track with a healthy lifestyle?

Asked by toolaura4ya (275points) April 11th, 2008 from iPhone

Im sure self discipline is one. Its so easy to give into temptation and give up on diet/ exercise.

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once you reach that target zone, you feel like you deserve something nice, but the problem is maintaining that fitness level. to do this, think about why you started the diet/excercise/whatever. there must be a reason that you didnt like. why else would you put so much effort into this cause?

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Knowing I have a beautiful daughter that will be here on July 5th is all the motivation I need. When I actually get to hold her I don’t know what I will do! I’m tearing up just thinking about her, and the sacrifices my lovely wife is making to bring her into this world! I’ve been skateboarding for thirteen years, and I consider that to be excellent exercise. I am also a carpenter, so that is also another form of “exercise”. As far as the diet goes, I cook for my wife nearly every night, and knowing my daughter eats whatever she eats is a no-brainer for healthy cooking! No Mickey-D’s!

Don’t tell anyone, but I get the “Rachel Ray Everyday” magazine, and those are some awesome tasting, fresh, and healthy recipes!

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