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Would a European mp3 play on an American mp3 player?

Asked by lonelydragon (7750points) January 18th, 2011

There’s a specific mp3 I’m looking for that’s not available in any American stores, but I can download it from an online store in the UK. Would an mp3 from the UK still work on my American computer and mp3 player? I am not sure if European countries use different encoding software that would make their mp3 files incompatible with American electronics. I do not want to purchase the mp3 only to get a file that doesn’t work. Can anyone help?

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Yes, it will work, MP3s are the same ‘round the world.

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Yes, it will work. .mp3 files are NOT region locked. They’re universal…

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MP3 is MP3 and is a worldwide standard. And, as @XxSHYxxGUYxX points out, they are not region-coded like DVDs are.

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Yes it would, it’s a file, if it wasn’t compatible it wouldn’t have the same file extension.

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Yes it would work. I’ve downloaded MP3s from music download services from around the world with no issues whatsoever.

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MP3 is a European invention and no one in America applied any changes to it.

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