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Wrist hurts - could it be broken?

Asked by MyNewtBoobs (19036points) January 18th, 2011

About a week ago, I slipped pretty badly on some ice. I was pretty sore, but everything went away – except the wrist pain. Now, there’s no visible discoloration, no swelling (although a friend disagrees, but I can’t see it), and no loss of mobility. However, it’s definitely a different pain than a soft tissue thing. It only hurts when I move it at certain angles, or put pressure on it (like holding my books, steering with that hand, etc). Do I need to make an appointment to see my doctor, or is this something that time and a little ice (and a little whiskey) will solve?

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It’s probably not broken since you’re able to use it like you are, but if it’s still hurting, it’s worthwhile getting an appointment to be seen and possibly x-rayed.

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Sounds like it could be a tiny wee fracture green splint maybe? something like that.
I dont think theres much can be done about that, but if its bothering you get it checked out hey?

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I doubt it’s broken…I think if it was it would still be discolored and by this point probably hurt more. I would go to the doctor anyhow, it’s not worth risking it and then having it heal wrong.

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probably sprained or torn ligament (6 weeks healing time for ligament tear)
((could also be carpal tunnel or arthritis onset possible too but the accident likely rules these out))
If it was broken it you would most likely know about it with severe sharp pain with certain movements as well as swelling and bruising.

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I had an ice incident a few years ago and it turns out I bruised a bone in my forearm. I did go for an x-ray that determined this, and wore an ace bandage for a week or two.

Last year I did break my wrist, and I immediately knew despite having never broken a bone. It started ballooning immediately and looked really funny, and every little jostle hurt. It could be a little hairline fracture thing, but I bet it’s a bruised bone like my first injury, the ice loves doing that.

Feel better!

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Could be a sprain or broke. Only way to tell is to see the doc and have an X-ray. Broken bones will be sore for 4 to 8 weeks.

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I once broke a wrist rollerskating and learned from the doctor, as a cast was being put on, that it contains an amazing number of tiny bones that can easily be fractured. Suggest you see a professional.

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There might be a fracture, yes.

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