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Have any of you ever drunk-fluthered?

Asked by Rhodentette (652points) January 19th, 2011

And if you did, what (if anything) happened as a result?

I’m just curious, you see, because I assume interactions here have to be rather more coherent than they are on sites like facebook.

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Can’t say I bother with this site while sober.

Result: I was a huge dick but I said what needed to be said.

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They do have to be more coherent to stick around, but not everything that is posted sticks around…;)

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@omph Does that mean you’re drunk now?

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Yes! A couple of times, I was even more silly than usual, thankfully only my spelling & grammar was castigated! :-/
Excuse me..

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Yes, and no one has ever noticed if I was intoxicated while Fluthering. At least, I don’t think anyone noticed…

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Yes, but I don’t think I said anything too embarassing or unreasonable. I mean more than usual.

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I “tipsy” Fluthered once and everyone was very nice about it, so I guess I didn’t offend anybody…or they were just too nice to say anything…

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I haven’t drunk Fluthered, but I have stoned Fluthered. It wasn’t really bad, just sorta full of mistakes like confusing terms and areas.

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@papayalily I guess I should’ve asked about Fluthering under the influence in general rather than drunk-Fluthering in specific. :) I suppose the advantage of stoned Fluthering over drunk is that, usually, people aren’t as belligerent when stoned.

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@Rhodentette True, true. It’s really hard for me to form words when I’m stoned, and I don’t want to Fluther when I’m drunk, so it’s usually not an issue – the one time I did do it, it wasn’t a social question.

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When I got out of the service, I had a tendency, not to drink frequently, but to drink too much when I did. So I have backed off of alcohol quite a bit.
Thus, I don’t really get drunk in the classic sense any more.
But I got on Fluther one night after “socializing” for a while. I regretted it later when I read some of my responses. One more reason not to drink too much.

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No, never… well maybe at least not for a couple of days.

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Ah, yes. That’s where my Lurvewhore question came from. And look how that exploded. We’re all still friends, right? Right??

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I know a number of people have been drunk while on fluther, but that probably is more obvious in the chat room. I know I can’t tell if others are drunk based on what they write. It’s probably foolish on my part, but I generally assume that people are always the same, drunk or not. For me, anyway, being drunk is no excuse.

By now it’s probably obvious that I have never fluthered drunk.

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@janedelila I’m intrigued, what was your Lurvewhore question?

Never mind, I found it by dint of not being lazy. :)

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No. I don’t drink to the stage where I would get drunk. I have Fluthered while I was a bit tipsy (that was fun) and I’m sure no one could tell the difference.

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@Rhodentette But don’t give me any lurve! I’ll look like a hypocrite for pointing you there! crap

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A couple of times, but ‘drunk’ might be too intense, I’d say happily high. lol

I just get sillier, more humorous, maybe a bit more uninhibited, but, I am a very emotionally stable person, no big personality changes when I drink.

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@janedelila No worries, I just checked it out to see what it was about. Interesting discussion. I’m sure there’s been at least one thread like that on all the Q&A sites I’ve been a member of.

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@Coloma flirted with me once. She said she was drunk at the time. She’d never flirted with me before (or since). I told her she might regret it in the morning, but she said she wouldn’t.

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I haven’t yet,but maybe I need to. XD

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Nah, far more enjoyable romps are to be had whilst drunk ;¬}

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No regrets! haha, actually, it was just my humor really rippin’...I had a blast! ;-)

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@wundayatta : I flirt with you all the time while sober. Maybe I should try it drunk?

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@wundayatta LOL! That displays fantastically considerate behaviour on your part.
@lucillelucillelucille I haven’t done it yet, so I can’t say… I think a controlled experiment might be in order.
@ucme Hear, hear.

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@JilltheTooth Perhaps as an experiment. You are already fantastically charming. It’s hard to imagine your flirting could be improved by inebriation. ;-)

Hmmm. Now that I think about it, I’m not sure I know anyone whose mien or purse capacity is improved by drink.

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I just get excessively charming, or so I think, anyway. And cheerful. And loud….

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@wundayatta I think it’s like the difference between lubricating… some household or vehicle thing that needs to be lubricated in order to be kept working properly and flooding the same thing with lubricant so it no longer works. I think… That’s not the best analogy I’ve ever come up with. But hoisting a glass with people can help thaw the awkward chill at the beginning of a party where no-one really knows each other.

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Yes, and I said a few stupid things. Got me into trouble with someone.

We’ll leave it at that.

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So, in theory, being drunk on fluther might make you hold back less. Be more open, and possible more charming (not sure about that). People might do it in order to be able to say more stuff—possibly stupid stuff, I suppose. Like, if @Jude were drunk, maybe she’d tell us more of her story ;-).

Of course, anyone who knows me on fluther would probably have a hard time imagining what further I might dredge out of the old hind-brain (galloping yet tantalizingly in front of the hunters—you know, a hindhate having to explain puns, but this is the internet). Well, I suppose there are one or two stories I could tell, but I don’t think the people involved would be happy about that, so… anyway, I rarely lose my judgment while drunk.

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@wundayatta Not gonna happen, wunday. :)

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@Jude Not even totally hosed? :)

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Na uh, wundy.

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@Jude A woman who can keep her lip buttoned up, even falling down drunk, is a truly impressive woman! Did you ever consider a career in the CIA? :)

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I FUI of cannabis a lot of the time.

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I have my occasional happy brownie moments.
I allow myself, what I call, ‘my mini-vacations lol

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@Coloma Mmmm… happy brownies…

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Perhaps once. I am always surprised to see how many people fluther drunk – I don’t think they should.

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I too find this question interesting. One man’s “what needs to be said” is another’s incoherent, confusing or inane babble.

It’s hard enough to be clear, original and readable when one is sober, IMO.

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@gailcalled I don’t agree that it’s difficult to be eloquent when sober – it’s obviously different for different people.

I do agree with the first part of your answer. I have an alcoholic friend who thinks that it’s his prerogative to tell “home truths” to all his friends when drunk. Usually they come off as the incoherent (sometimes slurred) rantings of someone whose life is not as together as he’d like it to be.

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@Rhodentette: You misread (or perhaps I was not clear enough, even though I am sober).

I said “hard enough,” and meant to imply that the best, clearest and most coherent writers are always sober. The so-so writers are really up against it if they drink and then write. I can usually tell, here at fluther.

I also wonder whether the drinkers and druggies ever reread what they have written and thought, “Wtf?”

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Stephen King has said that there are entire novels he doesn’t remember writing because of his drug and alcohol problems. But that must just be cool, if you’re Stephen King and you get to read a Stephen King novel whose contents you don’t know about beforehand… Or would that just be weird?

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Who said ‘nothing great was ever written over a glass of ice water.’ ? Somerset Maugham I believe. ;-)

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@Coloma Hah! I would’ve guessed Hemingway. :)

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A drunken mind speaks a sober heart. ;)

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I’ve drunk-posted on the net before but not Fluther. The worst that happened was a whole lot of typos.

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Does a sugar-high ADD-diagnosed child count?

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Who said ‘nothing great was ever written over a glass of ice water.’ ?

I’m guessing that every author ever. Who said it first is up for discussion. ;-)

And yes – sometimes it even drives me to drink.

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Its well known fact that the outcome of the Battle of Concord and Lexington to start the Revolutionary War after that historic ride of Paul Revere may have come out much different if the Red Coats were not in the pub drinking ale.


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I absolutely have. Well, not really drunk, more like tipsy. I don’t think anyone spotted it, but who knows?

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You can’st sayu; I’m fruuunk.

You’re ;drunk. Bastard. ’;

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@iamthemob Why don’t you just go to bed now…~

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