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If Fluther had song, how would it go?

Asked by peedub (8698points) April 11th, 2008

Please provide the lyrics to this catchy jingle.

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I can imaginsomething like

Fluther, come and ask a question
fluther, come and give an answer

To the tune of that old song mister sandman!!! Haha i don’t know, it just popped in my head!!!!

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Anyone’s voice in particular you would like to hear sing it?
Like, Tom Jones or Al Jarreau, or even Dave Sedaris with a Billie Holliday voice?

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oooo i dont know.. but i can see a video to go with it!! haha i can picture like the ocean then have a jellyfish swim by and start going .. do doo dooo doo to. ( that like old school harmony thing). then another appear with a different tone. then so on and so on.. then this big, bright, colorful one appear and just bust out singing!!!!

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yah i dont know but that would be really cool to do!! just like make a song and video for fluther… and maybe even dance moves!!!! haha have you seen the lifewater commercial with the geckos dancing to thriller???.. well something like that but with jellys!!!

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The Fluther Song!

For me


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YES, dance moves! I’ve always been a fan of the Thriller dance. I like to do it before I go to bed.

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@giggles Pig Wheels?

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@bulbatron…pig wheels???

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I think it would have a superhero-esque quality to it. I don’t imagine words so much – more of a resounding, symphonic composition.

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After reading your profile, I assumed you worked in the “Industry”skateboarding

After your response, I assume Pig Design is not associated with Pig Wheels.

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@ peedub you go head and do that thriller dance before you go to bed!!!!!!!

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With all this talk about it i’m going to sleep walk it.

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@bulbatron i work for a PIG Design… short for .. Plain Insane Graphix & Design!! it has to do with t-shirt designing and printing. we also do stickers for windows and vehicals, along with banner and sign making. oo and embrodering. its pretty cool!!!

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@peedub just dont sleep dance into anything and hurt yourself!!! because if you do, then you will have to go awhile without thriller dancing!!!

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Mine doesn’t look sexy like commercial girl, it looks like a combination of a zombie and Jim Carrey (in the lemony snicket movie), or the those two figures in a poorly executed fist fight.

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[mod says]: Pssst! This is what the chatroom is for.

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SWEET! Another good fluther song!

I have the chatroom going on another page, and no one would talk to me! anybody wanna chat in the chatroom with me? Right now, I’m the only one in there!

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Wait wait wait!! theres a chatroom????????? how adn where???

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giggle, Click the link andrew provided! Newbie. Kidding. I barely figured out the chatroom the other day

Anyways, I really can’t come up with any lyrics, but I can see it being this awesome catchy anthem that everyone can sing. I don’t know why, but i can see it being to that tune of “miss American pie” (haha don’t ask, it just randomly popped in my head) and for a video just a bunch of different jellyfish dancing back and forth with there tentacles holding eachother and raising there beers

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Hard to say exactly. The chorus would certainly be:

“Search, that question is old news”.

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Perhaps the chorus might be:

Had a question,
Went to Fluther.
Got great answers,
Asked another.

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And perhaps for subsequent stanzas:

Questions range from
Simple to complex.
From name that tune,
To even having sex.

And for all those things
You’d never ask mother,
Hell, anything goes
At good old Fluther.

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OK, one more:

A collective we are,
Each a sister or brother.
United we float,
For we are a fluther.

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Hey Andrew and Ben!!
I think you should Copyright this song or perhaps part of it as your Fluther’s theme song! Add some music to it and BAM! You’ve got a hit… Well, maybe not a hit, but the words are good you have to admit!

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Oh! I was talking about @whatthefluther’s song…

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Oh I wish I was a Fluther moderator,
That is what I’d really like to be.
‘Cause if I was a Fluther moderator,
Everyone would be in love with me.

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And I thought “Whatthefluther’s” song was good! Your’s was terrific!!!

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I can’t imagine lyrics. Lots of bouncy silly music and bloop effects. I imagine it ends with a bloop for sure.

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fluther fluther fluther
answers questions better than yo mother


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I vote for whathefluther’s lyrics so far. Peedub, I think you’re on to something:

We should have a contest here and fluther people can use one of them. Whattya all’ say?
Fluther moderators, you game?

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Fluther song.

Fluther I don’t see you, but I knows you are there
You get questions by the dozen and you really really care
The answers keep on pumping out so thick and so fast
Whatever is the future? and who cares about the past?

Fluther you are flying high with wind in your hair
wherever you are taking us I want to be there
The answers keep on pumping out so thick and so fast
so hit your funky keyboard man and lets have a blast

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