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Are questions categorized by subject ?

Asked by shunyata (77points) January 19th, 2011

Are questions on F. categorized by subject, so one can search for questions by subject ?

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Sort of, searching for topics can help you find what you need. And, FYI, questions about Fluther should go in the Meta section.
Welcome aboard! We’re a good group here, have fun!

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You can put in a topic or a phrase into the search function (top right) and see what comes up. It’s not fullproof but better than it used to be. I have this nagging feeling that you are a fluther user under a different account, though.

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You know how when you ask a question, it asks you to enter some topics? That’s the only categorization, aside from the split between General (which is more for people looking for answers) and Social (which is more for people looking for discussion or opinions) and Meta (which is for questions about Fluther).

On the lower right-hand side of either the General or Social page, you should see a list of popular topics. You can click on those to see questions in those categories. Also, if you’re reading a specific question, you can click on the topics below it to see more in that category.

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@shunyata Welcome to Fluther! I’m the Community Manager here, so if you have any other questions or need any help, please let me know. You’ll notice I’ve changed your topics to better reflect your question. If you were to type any of those new topic keywords into the search box, this question will be listed along with others that have the same topics. Enjoy the site!

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Is that a reference to the former “loon” or did you have someone else in mind?

Wundy was my first impression the second I read the SN :)

But, on second thought, probably not.

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@Buttonstc For some strange reason, I thought of him as well. But I don’t know, why would he bother?

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I think it’s just a weird coincidence. Upon further reflection I realized that it was the “ata” ending.

This is not uncommon in names of Eastern origin. Are you familiar with an actor by the name of Daniel Sunjata ?

He portrays a fireman in the FX cable show “Rescue Me”

His name popped up in my mind as well.

So , I think we can just chalk this all up to the strange twists and turns of the universe :)

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