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Do you find yourself more rigid or less rigid in your thinking and feelings as you get older?

Asked by chyna (42526points) January 19th, 2011

I find myself less rigid and more accepting of lifestyles that are different from my own as I get older. I can’t say that was true when I was younger. Do you think you are more accepting or less accepting as you age?

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More accepting of other lifestyles and views, although I still (and will probably always) have problems tolerating fundamentalism of any stripe.

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I’ve been rigid in my thinking since elementary school. I can’t say that I’ve mellowed any.

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I’m much less rigid about allowing others their opinions. You don’t have to think like me, just don’t try to force me to believe as you do and don’t legislate your opinions. I no longer find it necessary to focus on differences and I instead choose to find commonality. I am also less likely to judge people on one point of contention I might have with them; I used to that all the time.

Of course, there are still issues that get me riled-up. As you all know. I’m almost 37.

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I didn’t care then and I don’t care now. Unless you try and force something on me.

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I’m not making excuses for myself, but I was brought up in a very small town that was very small in their thinking. It’s hard to believe, but my town did not even allow blacks to live within city limits. Any type of whisperings about alternative lifestyles was shocking. I have shed that small town feel and thinking, but it took a very long time.

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I am less rigid. It started when I was in my early 20’s, and I was fretting about what people might say about something I was thinking about doing. A coworker said, “Don’t worry, other people aren’t interested in what you do. Certainly not enough to take the time to talk about it.”

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I am more clear in my thinking which is a very nice thing.;)

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I think I questioned things less when I was younger. So sure I knew everything there was to know. Where as I question things more because time and age has taught me that not everything is always as it appears. I don’t think I was rigid when younger or rigid now. Some of my views when younger have shifted left and some have shifted right. I’m not done living so it can all shift again. And some of my thoughts remain the same. I still would never do drugs, or drink till drunk. I still won’t buy things from telemarketers over the phone, etc, etc. Some things will never change.

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Less rigid. I once thought everything could change and fit nicely into the world I was brought up to expect. Life happens and you soon see not everything is what is appears to be. Once you get past that….nothing butt calm waters and clear sailing ahead! ;)

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Whether I am more or less rigid depends on the subject. So it is hard to generalize. I like to think that I am open to new ideas and different ways of thinking but the openess is tempered by my life experiences and that which has allowed me to survive to this point in time.

GQ and some GA’s as well.

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I don’t think I was ever rigid! Spent most of my life fence-sitting.

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I’ve always been pretty open-minded, and have only become more so as I age. I think it’s just a function of being exposed to more viewpoints, ideas, and people.

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Less rigid in most areas, but I suffer fools with much less tolerance than I used to. I’m much better at seeing the big picture, which really helps with not sweating the small stuff.

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Less rigid for sure…..

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Much less rigid but I’m with @JilltheTooth, I certainly don’t suffer fools gladly and I am more likely to voice my opinion if something is causing me grief.

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You and me, @Leanne1986 , we be dem crazy bitches!

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@JilltheTooth I don’t use internet lingo very often but that made me lol.

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