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Revenge: what do you think of it, and how do you really act?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3158points) January 19th, 2011

Okay, so I’m sure the majority will likely say that revenge should not be the answer. But really, when you feel really down and all you want to do is get back at someone, do you control your feelings or actually let your actions take control and act on revenge?

I’m not suggesting anything as serious as murder and revenge, but I’m thinking something as simple as a little verbal fight. For example:

A male becoming upset with his cousin because all the cousin had been doing lately was spending time alone in his room playing video games. The male had just given up playing video games and just wanted his cousin to spend some time with him off of video games. Irrationally, the male headed into his cousin’s room and droned on about how he was such a loser and suggested that he had no life.. etc. Although the male intended for the droning to be merely an encouragement for the cousin to get off games for a bit, the cousin took it very personally and became angry.
Okay, so, if you were the cousin, what will you do now? Plan to attack and get revenge from the male verbally and make him feel as bad? Shove it in his face about how terrible the male made him feel? Or just confront him as nicely as possible about how it had really hurt his feelings?

(okay, I made up that example, but this question is out of pure curiosity)

Thanks for input, if any. :)

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Revenge is fun to plot, but ultimately not very good for you. Besides that, laws are written such that any sort of real revenge would either require high lawyer-magic to pull off, or high lawyer-magic to keep you out of subsequent jail time.

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If I were the cousin, I would stick to the complainer like velcro, overdoing the “together” thing, escalating to a level of inconvenient for the other person.

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@Nullo; I do agree, revenge is fun to plot.. But I’m not really speaking of this “real revenge”. I’m just speaking of the more normal day to day “revenge” as to inflict equivalent damage to the other (not anything that would require lawyers or jail time.)

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Revenge is fun to fantasize about, as long as it’s within legal parameters. But in execution it was rarely ever worth it to me :/

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Revenge also has a way of igniting feuds, which also isn’t very healthy.

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I do not seek revenge. It is unhealthy to do so.
That said, should I run into my former boss-from-hell, I would consider killing him, just for self protection.

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If it is something deserving of revenge then one can meet the requirements for legit authority to “throw the person under the bus”... everyone has to account to someone, even adults, .... you just need to find who that is… and tell on them… for your example you could rat the cousin out to his parents…his girlfriend, the cops, the landlord, his teachers, fluther, ect

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Revenge is a message best never sent. It is fun to think about, but what good does it do to undo a scumbag move by someone you really do want to hate??? Let it go…life is too short to fight over stuff that matters little in the big picture. Enjoy the time you have and play a kazoo instead! ;)

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I honestly am not into revenge. It don’t have the desire, the taste for it and I don’t have a knack for it. That being said I’m not above occasionally indulging in a little schadenfreude in regards to particular individuals if they really had it coming.

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best served cold. (or not at all) preferably not at all. So much literature and film is devoted to this theme, it is popular because it is cathartic, but in truth it is a fantasy.

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@mammal Now, vigilantism

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@Cruiser GA and very well said.

I haven’t ever been able to do anything to the people who have hurt me. I just don’t have it in me, and (I am ashamed of this) sometimes I wish I could just have a good yell, something, anything, but I haven’t been able to. I have had some dreadful, awful things done to me over the years, some of it made me physically ill, but still, nothing. I’m not a strong person, and certainly am weaker now than I was before I got ill, I don’t know if thats why. I choose to hope that kharma will take care of the “baddies” in life, except I’ve never seen any evidence of it. It sometimes feels to me that the more crooked, the more spiteful, the more vicious people are in this life, the more they seem to get on, and do well, and the rest of us, well we don’t.

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I’ve thought about revenge before. I was VERY close to doing it.Very very close. BUT in the back of my mind, reality did sink in that I would of course go to jail, serve many years in prison, to possible come out to society 10,20, years later. But I was very close. Retribution is a funny feeling. Everyone here has mostly said “Revenge” is not worth it, just “move on”. Wise words, but for the amount of violence and abuse I went through, it felt only necessary to attack someone and get revenge for someone that has cause a lot of pain to me. Some people need the real justice when they get away with hurting someone else terribly. Would I get revenge over someone for a petty thing ? No. But in some circumstances, I feel one has to protect and stand up for themselves. It’s not right for someone to rape, torture, hurt, abuse another being, and get away with it. Yes I was plotting revenge. I got over it because I didn’t want to spend 20 years in prison. There are some things a person has to take in their own hands, and revenge and retribution will always be a part of human history.

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Revenge is nice and sweet. The sweet thing is too, you desire yourself to get back that you forget everything that you are, and this negative deed fill you up like a hot black coffee that blackier than abysses. That who you become after revenge. If that the path you want to become, it is open to you.

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