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How can self-hypnosis benefit me?

Asked by gamefu91 (591points) January 19th, 2011

Can self-hypnosis make me better at time-management? How?
Can it improve concentration and help stop distractions?
Can it help me improve my learning and memory? How?
Can it help me control my emotions? How?
What else can be done from self-hypnosis? And how to do it?
Has any of you tried it?

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I believe that “Self-Hypnosis” is bull. It’s just a way of telling you what you can do free for money. All it is is building up your self esteem, it’s the exact same this as a pep talk. Lot’s of people try to “hypnotize” themselves, but don’t make any effort to achieve their goals. They expect it to just happen. Just live your life as normal, but make an effort to achieve your goals. That is the only way you can achieve anything.

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I respectfully disagree with @XOIIO . I have used self-hypnosis for years to help me sleep, help me focus and concentrate, and help me control my reactions in highly charged emotional situations. Check your library (at no cost) to see if they have any books on the subject. There are a number of techniques and mental exercises you can do to help yourself deal with some of your situations. I can’t give you titles off hand, look into it yourself and try different things.

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@JilltheTooth I can’t find any such book in my library.What techniques have you been using? Any books you have read? or you attended some course or sessions?

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Oh, damn I wish I could help you more. I learned in Seattle about 25 years ago, from a friend, and I know I’ve seen books, I just can’t remember their names, now. I’ll try to do a little research for you, but I can’t guarantee anything. In the meantime, look for “relaxation” techniques, sometimes self-hypnosis is addressed in those areas.

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I bought a book about self-hypnosis when I was in college. I don’t remember its title. But I do remember that I thought about it. It seemed to me that it was a way of focusing attention and visualizing. In particular, it seemed to be good for helping me heal some aches and pains.

Of course, hypnosis is one of those states of mind where you are very focused, similar to meditation. In such a state, I guess, since you are focused on one thing, you might easily be swayed to do something else. My kids use this principle to get me to say yes to things. They pounce when I am deeply involved in something and ask a question. I can barely even hear them, much less comprehend what they are saying. If I can’t pull myself out of my involvement, I’ll often say “yes” just to get rid of them.

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I swear they’re born knowing that trick, @wundayatta !

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@JilltheTooth I’m sure you’re right. I’m sure you’re right.

What can ya do?

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It can help you be better at everything you listed; however, it only works when you truely want the hypnosis to work. Hypnosis cannot and will not work if you are not motivated to change whatever it is that you want to change. Also, beware: Half the stuff you read on the internet about hypnosis may not be completely true. Even the notion of a subconscious mind is still being debated.

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Focus on the ideal in all of these situations. Visualize them. This is the self-hypnosis part, focusing on the ideal and generating the emotions that go with it. This is an ongoing process.

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