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What people do you think you will remember until the day you die?

Asked by wundayatta (58638points) January 19th, 2011

What people have had such an important impact on your life that you will never forget them? I don’t want to know the individuals involved, but rather the position they hold in relation to you. Here are some examples:

Presidents (which ones), authors (which ones), family members (which ones), teachers (which ones), jellies (no names), etc., etc.

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My mom and dad, my grandparents on my mom’s side. My brothers no matter how much they have annoyed me in the past.

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I will think of my grandpa I never met who had a love for the outdoors and fishing I know is where I got my love for the outdoors and a special lady in my life that I will remember for her exquisite passion for life.

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My children, my parents, my grandmothers, my first sponsor in a 12-step program.

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No artist or author has moved me as much as Charles Chaplin. When I was studying the early days of film, I dismissed him as a belly-kicker, until I actually saw his stuff. Pure genius.
My parents, of course, had a great influence on me, but after their deaths, when I began to analyze their lives, I was amazed at how stable a home they created for us, when they had both come from wreakage.

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My dead Grampa, my best friend, one particular ex, my first boss.

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My parents, my high school volleyball coach, two former best friends, my first fuck, author Jerzy Kosinski, a former jelly and a current jellyjellyjelly.

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Sister, girlfriend, niece, best friend, Grandma, Dad, nephews, my ex girlfriend, brothers.

In that order.

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Right now it would be my Pops. If I live longer then Mom, my daughters, my husband, than I’m sure I would never forget them.

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My father
My mother, although all I remember is a sense, I was five when she died but that feeling, that sense of being loved is still there.
My grandmother (paternal)
My husband
My children
My siblings
My teacher Peter, who inspired me to keep studying when I didn’t believe I had it in me.
My friend Margie, who I have lost touch with but often think of fondly and wish I knew how to contact.
My first love John.
There are a lot of people I don’t expect to ever forget because they have significantly touched my life in some way.

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First i can not forget those people who always against me in my all life.
My father
My mother
My wife
My childrens
My first boos
My teacher

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My mother
two of my sisters
My brother
My four best friends from 5th and 6th grade, because they were the best friends I’ve ever had

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Aside from the obvious family members and SO, I’ll remember:
My last ex-boyfriend because we were together for 5 years.
My best friend, who has been my best friend for 22 years.
My cats (Yes, they’re people).

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