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How long has it been since you told your mother you loved her?

Asked by stevenb (3836points) April 11th, 2008 from iPhone

How long has it been since you thought of all your mother did for you throughout your life and thanked her, or just plain told her you loved her?

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this afternoon actually. But not as much as I should though. I think I’ll call her now, thanx

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just a few hours ago, she’s an amazing mother… I don’t know how I can ever repay her!!! She’s done a lot for me.

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this afternoon actually. talked to her on the phone. I try ot always end our conversation with it.

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right before i left in her car, i even kissed her cheek!

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About 4 years ago, approximately a week before she killed herself.

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Who knows, a few weeks. I know I told my granny that I loved her today.

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Earlier today actually. About 5 pm.

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Everyday! My Pops, too! And my wife! And my little jellyfish in my wife’s tummy! My Grand grands! Pretty much everyone knows I love them, on a daily basis!

@Kay I hate to hear that!

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Over 6 years ago. My childhood was terrible. Saying goodbye was the best thing I’ve done.

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Not in a very long time…mostly because I don’t believe I do love her. Like, Spargett, we have not had the best time living together.

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I tell my mom I love her all the time. <3

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@allie, i think that is wonderful! i also do this =]

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We talk often but rarely exchange “I love you’s.” I think it’s just not in our style to say it all the time. Perhaps once every couple weeks? Maybe a little less.

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I don’t have to say it actually. The way we are you will never mistake it. My parents are saints. I’m not kidding there is a place for them in heaven that has their names on it. I love them more than anything on this universe.

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Right before I hang up the phone….a coupla times a day.

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@spargett and @Kay I am so sorry. I hope all is better now. I can’t imagine how hard that was.

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I NEVER told her I loved her between the ages of about l5 and about 35, but then things
got better. Now I tell her I love her every week or so. She died in 1987.

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I tell my mom i love her and give her a kiss goodbye every time i leave the house.

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@susanc: I’m so glad things got better for you. @uberbatman: really? thats so cute!!!

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uberbatman: that is very cute.

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I came close to dying in 95 and ever since, I always try to tell everyone how I feel about them when we part. I don’t want to leave anyone wondering if I was to go suddenly. I have found also that it is useless to hold grudges or stay mad at people. I try to move on, forgive and forget. And I always try to remember that somewhere there is someone that loves almost everyone.

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Thanks to you, I just did!

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I have a great mother that I am very grateful for. I tell her I love her often. We don’t live in the same town so I tell her I love her whenever I hang up the phone after talking to her. I am also lucky enough to have an ‘adopted’ mom. She is someone who accepted me like a daughter at a time when I badly needed a home away from home. That was over 30 yrs ago and she never got rid of me! I have an unending debt of love to her and tell her I love her often too.

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25 long years since my folks both passed, and I still miss them.

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