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How would you react if you caught someone 'in the act'?

Asked by lily88 (13points) January 19th, 2011

So earlier today I was walking down a stairwell to get to my car which was parked at the campus underground garage. When I turned to climb down the last set of steps I heard shuffling and instantly got nervous because I’m always creeped out by this stairwell. So then this teenage guy pops out from behind the corner and stares at me blankly, and behind him is a naked teenage girl trying to cover herself. I just ignored them and kept walking to my car because I had no idea how to react.
This is a garage I come out of several times each day,I’ve seen condom wrappers on the ground in the stairwell before but never thought much of it. There’s no attendant (it’s all electronic) to report to, so I’m thinking I’ll start using the elevator…?
What would you have said or done if you were the one to interrupt?

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If nobody is being raped or whatever, I’d just look the other way and keep on walking.

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Depending upon my mindset, I would either totally ignore them or just go over + stand around + make em feel uncomfortable.

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As long as it seemed to be consensual I think ignoring them and walking to your car was the right way to act. But if they start making a habit of having sex in the stairwell or in the garage, if you encounter them or others again I think you should report it to the garage’s management.

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Or if they are annoying + repeat offenders you can just tase em + watchem dance to some new disco moves.

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I would have stood there and clapped for them… I’m weird like that though.

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Smiled, kept walking, no staring.

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WTF you guys all saying ignore them ??! Its obvious none of you have young children, would you like to take a toddler to your car and have them encounter this?
I would in no uncertain terms tell the little nymphos where to go and threaten to report them for having sex in a public place to the police.

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Fall in line?

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My concern is that you see condom wrappers there often. Are prostitutes bringing johns there? That could be bringing and unpredictable (potentially dangerous) element into your every day commute.

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@ Judi
Are they all called john?? :-/

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I have had that happen to me. People are simply horny and adventurous! ;)

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When I woke up one night and went downstairs to the family room and opened the sliding door I caught my parents in the act (fortunately, with the lights out and under the covers of the hide-a-bed). This was at an age when I had only the vaguest notion of what ‘the act’ even was or why people ‘did it’. (Really, really young, in other words.)

I grokked right away that this was an ‘adults-only’ party and went back to bed. I don’t think it has caused me any lasting harm (and I’ve been ‘caught in the act’ more than a few times myself since then, too – caught in several different acts, in fact).

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I would have probably just said “carry on” with a grin and kept walking! I’m sure the naked girl would be far more embarrassed than me.

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First thing that I would say would be “OH, sorry! (Canadians tend to say “sorry” a lot)”, then I would turn around walk away with a slight grin on my face and do my best to stifle a laugh.

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I would probably run away and close the door or wait and watch and learn something cause sometimes i can be very perveted
or take photographs or video because am always with my camera

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Or one could just start cheering with the unadulterated enthusiasm of having just won the lottery.

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I would smile in a really giddy way and say something like ‘Well, stay safe, kids’ and go on my way.

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It would totally depend on my mood. If I was feeling really sadistic, I might look at the guy and say, “Who the hell is this???” just to watch ‘em squirm If I was in an amused mood, I think I’d hand them a condom and maybe some lube. Oh man, I totally want to carry around a little “fun and safe sex” pack or something in case I encounter this.

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@Odysseus I can only speak for myself but the OP mentions that it’s a “campus” garage which I am assuming is a college campus. Any other kind of public garage I would have acted differently. Both because of what you mention, children being exposed to it and because as a woman I am concerned about the safety of parking garages. I still would have walked on by and ignored them but I would have gone right to the attendant, if the garage had one, or found someone to report it to. I don’t think it would have been a good idea to confront and threaten half-naked strangers in parking garage.

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Hey…better that than some act of violence tho…

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You know, it can’t be comfortable doing it in a cement stairwell.

I don’t know. I was once caught by a cop who asked my girlfriend, “Are you all right, miss?” I guess it makes sense to ask the girl, but I think that might be assessed without saying anything.

I might make some kind of tut-tut comment. I might just turn around and find some other way to get down. Or I might just walk past them, thinking about our essential animal nature.

I did once run into a couple having at it on the grass by a scenic view in Barbados. Fortunately, my wife and daughter were back in the car while I was scoping out the joint. I don’t think the couple noticed me. It probably would have been fun to stand behind the building and toss a few pebbles at them. LOL.

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