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What are some thoughts that come to you predominantly or during your idle time?

Asked by mindful (339points) January 19th, 2011

up there^

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That I should be doing something productive. I am a great procrastinator. Imagine if I used all the time I spend idling for some useful purpose. The thoughts don’t always encourage me to go and work though.

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Renovations, me and the house, but I can’t afford the house! and my garden to come.

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All sorts of random stuff, including but not limited to:

- The optimal weapons loadout for BattleTech:Firestorm
– What I want for dinner
– Clips from The Daily Show
– “Are hard-core Conservatives, crazy, stupid, misguided, or merely suicidally optimistic?”
– My own mortality
– “My balls itch!”
– Cats are strange little creatures

That is just a sampling of what ran through my head in teh last few minutes. Now, extrapolate that randomness and diversity over the 18 hours (on average) I am awake each day and you can guess what sort of chaotic place the inside of my head is.

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Most of my idle time is spent trying to arrange priorities for completing the many tasks I would like to accomplish.

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How I miss being close and intimate with my SO.

I want to cuddle, dammit.

How much money do I have this month to splurge.

Think about masturbating.

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Plans to add on to my house.
What to cook for dinner
how to help my children with things going on in their lives
should I be doing something else right now?
my cat needs a cuddle
bathroom renovation designs
how can I make more room in my house
what things do I need to get rid of
time for my workout
Kitchen renovation plans

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My children’s future. My future.

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The thoughts that come to me most often during periods of quiet involve the steps I will take to insure my beloved wife is well cared-for after I die, and what steps I might take that will help my grandchildren thrive after I am gone.

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Economic collapse.
Environmental collapse/apocalypse.
Whether or not I could survive the Zombpocalypse.
More food.
What I can build out of spare parts or various other junk.

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“I really need some new clothes”
“Where’d my dog go?!”
“Must listen to music!”
“Damn it! I need help on Bioshock!”
“Sex….need sex….”
“Shut up….shut up….focus!”
“Hum…hum I wonder if I’m psychic….”
Haha those are my random thoughts :P

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