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Other fundraising sites similar to Kickstarter?

Asked by omg_dung (150points) January 19th, 2011

I really like the fund-raising website, Kickstarter ( ), and it seems to work well. But I want to know if there are any others out there that are also popular and work well. Thank you!!

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Two come to my mind, Kiva and Donors choose.
Kiva is generally used by people in 3rd world countries looking to start up a business, and need a few hundred bucks to get it going, but there’s a variety of needs on there. Kiva is a microfinancing site, rather than straight donations. There’s a possibility that you get your money back. But not a guarantee.
Donors Choose is an education donation site, and I think all of the “projects” on it are in the U.S. but I could be wrong.

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My wife and I have looked, but Kickstarter seems to be unique. If there are other sites doing the same thing then they are below the radar (not popular).

As @Sarcasm points out, there are fundraising sites that are at least moderately popular and successful, but aside from Kickstarter, they all seem to be specialized like the two he mentions.

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