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Save a broken (but antique) mirror from jewelry box?

Asked by skfinkel (13478points) January 20th, 2011

Is there any reason in the world why I would save a small broken mirror from a beautiful inlaid wood jewelry box? The mirror is over a hundred years old, it’s in two pieces. And it is essentially useless. How crazy a question is this?

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Not crazy at all. The mirror was part of the box, and even broken it has sentimental value. Have you considered taking it to a glass restoration shop? I had to do that once for an antique piece and they did an excellent job. Google both for local repair shops and online ones.

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Not crazy at all. I would do as @Austinlad suggests.
Even if I didn’t get it repaired, I would still keep it with the box.

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Shit! 100 years old! Definitly keep that intact. I have an old remmington delux noisless typewriter that is almost a hundred year old.

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yes, not only for sentimental value, but antique value. Even flawed original pieces make the piece more valuable than replacements.

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