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Do I need to change my driver's license?

Asked by JonnyCeltics (2716points) January 20th, 2011

I have recently moved from IL to NY. My IL license doesn’t expire for a few years. So my questions are – what are the benefits (if any) of switching my license? Can I drive legally in NY? Anything else I should know?

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I believe most states have laws that require you to change your license within a specified length of time after you change residence.

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You have 30 days to change your license and registration. Also, not all states require your vehicle to pass inspection, but New York does, so you may have to do that, too.

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Yes, you have to change your license. Not sure how many days you have @MacBean might be right 30 days, you might have more, maybe 60. Go to the DMV site and see the requirements, so you know if you will have to take a test before you get there.

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Change your license! If you get caught, you’ll have to pay a fine.

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My license still has my parents address on it. I haven’t lived there since I was 18. I am 27 now. How would they prove I don’t live there? I still store many things there, and I do live there once a month. Also, if anyone asks my parents they wont turn me in.

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@mowens How is your situation the same as the OP?

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It is 30 days. Here is the official site Looks like you only need to do a vision test, no written or driving exam.

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@mowens Do you have utilities at you “Real” home or apartment, you maybe found out.

If there is a different tax ( income ) zone you can be fined and pay penalties. Some states and cities are looking for revenue!

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If you are a permanent resident now of NY, you have thirty days to obtain a NY drivers license.

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Of course I’m right. I’m a NY resident and I just went through all this crap when I moved away (for two stupid months) and came back. Bleargh.

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what if youve waited over 30 days? a fee i imagine

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@JonnyCeltics How will they know it is over 30 days? They probably won’t. Just go get your license.

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