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Is New York City safe to visit?

Asked by fera (56points) January 20th, 2011

I’ve always wanted to visit, but is it safe? Are there places to stay away from?

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Just like any city there are safer parts than others. As to what those places are , I have no idea.

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If you stick to the tourist places and don’t go getting lost at night, you should be fine. Just pay attention to where you are and who is around you. Same rules as for anywhere.

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New York City is amazingly safe. It’s difficult to “stumble into” a bad neighborhood.

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Absolutely safe! Like any other city, you just have to, as my dad used to say, keep your eyes open. Trust me, you’ll have a great time.

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I agree with the other answers. If you don’t want any worries, stay in Manhattan at the tourist spots pretty much.

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If you stay in Manhattan, like times square and other popular spots I’d say you’re pretty safe.

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My daughter and her friend just went for nye, stayed in hostels, had a great time- except she got her luggage back 2 weeks after getting home!

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I have been to NYC a few times and it’s safe. Don’t worry and enjoy the experience. I should have said that earlier.

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When I visited New York I travelled on the subway from Brooklyn to Manhattan on my own at around 9pm, and I never once felt myself to be in any danger.

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There’s no place in the world that is unreservedly safe. From what I have read, NYC is no more dangerous than Miami, Denver, or Wichita.

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NYC is a much safer place than it used to be when I was a kid. During the day, I would feel comfortable traveling almost anywhere in the city. I’d be more careful at night. My recommendation would be to get a bunch of NYC travel guides and see their recommendations. They are unlikely to steer you to very shady places, I would imagine.

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I live not far from the city and go there often. Some advice – when eating in a restaurant, don’t put your pocketbook on the floor – keep it on your lap, or use a shoulder strap pocketbook and keep it on. Always be aware of your wallet or pocketbook – there are pickpockets so be careful. Also, don’t dress like a tourist. Tourists in NYC stand out like sore thumbs. They wear colored pants, goofy looking sweaters, they stand around and laugh, they scream “tourist.” Wear jeans or black, no colored pants, no goofy looking sweaters.

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Try not to use the subway system late at night unless there is crowd.

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@jca – great advice!

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Would you also say avoid wearing white sneakers (or the type of sneakers that people wear at the gym)?

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sneakers are ok.

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@jca – Cool. I was thinking of Europe, I guess, where people in gym shoes tend to stand out as American tourists. “Fashion” sneakers like Converse All-Stars or shoe-sneaker hybrids work okay.

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