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Are there any trees in Ireland?

Asked by Maverick (2458points) April 12th, 2008 from iPhone

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture if Ireland that shows any trees. I mean, I’m sure there are individual trees (isn’t there?), but do they have forests? Inquiring minds want to know (ok, just mine)

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What? Why wouldn’t they?

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That’s a different question. ;)

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There’s one, and it’s this (ps the background is fake):

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If only they had the Joshua tree! Good try though. We’ll I guess Fluther gets a big FAIL on this test, I found some pictures online that are definitely in Ireland and do show forests before the collective. Sad day. Of course there is still the definition of a “forest”, but I’m satisfied they have clumps of more than 10 trees in multiple locations.

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There certainly are trees and plenty of them, it’s just that when it comes to taking pics for calendars, postcards and what-have-you, the choice tends to fall on rolling hills, cliffs or old men at pubs…
In fact, if all Fluther features were accessible from my iPhone, I’d snap my garden right now and make it my profile pic so you’d see all the tree’s and bushes around it ;)

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The Joshua Tree is actually a pub down the road…

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Good enough for me. Consider yourself starred. ;)

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That is kinda like asking if there are any intelligent questions on fluther.?.

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Yes! There are many trees and forests. Unfortunately, a lot of the touristy pics highlight the green, rolling fields.

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we have trees in Ireland. The movies like Far and Away tend to show images of old rural barren landscapes as it helps to portray the poverty the want to show. We also have mountains, rivers and lakes. No leprachauns left however LOL

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There are even palm trees there!

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