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Do you have a story about spinach in your teeth and/or other food accessories?

Asked by wundayatta (58591points) January 20th, 2011

In the men’s room this morning, I happened to look at my face in the mirror and I looked like Rudolph’s reindeer cousin, except instead of a red nose, I had a white one. I swiped at it with a finger and it began to flake off. I think I’d gotten a little too familiar with the confectioners sugar on my jelly donut!

Then I began thinking—had I passed anyone in the hallway on my way to the bathroom? If I had, would any of them have said anything? Indeed, would anyone say anything, or could I have walked through the day looking like a Powder Puff Girl?

Do you have any outrageous examples of food accessorization?

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A big, fat poppyseed inbetween my incisors, and teaching an afternoon class whilst sporting my lovely jewel.

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Classic spinach in teeth. For an entire evening. On a first (and last) date. He asked me out again, and when I asked why he hadn’t mentioned it he said he thought it was “amusing”. I said no to a follow up.

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I so hate looking in the mirror and seeing food in my teeth. I keep floss and picksticks in my car, in my desk, in my briefcase, but still get blindsighted. It’s a rare event when somebody tells me, I’ve always found it hard tell someone else they have stuffed teeth, I guess because I hate to see how embarrassed they usually look.

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Yeah, @Austinlad , but it’s infinitely worse to find out later. see above^^^

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I ate a cannoli right before I had my picture taken by the newpaper and had powdered sugar on my nose and all over the front of my shirt.Great!. giggles :)

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My friend had something in his teeth yesterday….. I couldn’t tell him, even tho I really wanted to soooooo bad……....I feel like a bad friend ._.

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…and then he went to work like that ;-; karma’s gonna get me for this one!

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My ex boss always had lipstick on her teeth. Sheesh, if you can’t put it on correctly, stop wearing it. No one ever told her.

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@chyna- Reminds me of my English teacher back in high school….no one ever told her either….But I think it was because she was evil and we didn’t like her…and she wore weird colors like purple….purple lipstick & purple teeth that matched her purple suit…how nice..

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..and I had her class for 6th period…So I’m POSITIVE…I wasn’t the only one that saw her purple teeth….poor lady…hahah…

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Pineapple ring inserted onto my one eyed trouser snake. The wife does love her bedroom snacks.

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I like to be told so I tell people and I say it like that.

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I saw the easiest way to tell someone when I was still in high school. One of my sister’s friends saw the food, said the girl’s name quietly and tapped his own teeth. No one else even noticed what was going on and she didn’t get embarrassed.

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When I was in high school, I had a bad habit of eating sprinkles. Well I had been eating dark purple sprinkles, and I forgot that it was club picture day. So all the pictures I was in made me me look like my teeth were rotten.
I no longer eat sprinkle because nobody was nice enough to tell me

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