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I'm fed up with this printer (HP Officejet 5610)!

Asked by skfinkel (13511points) April 24th, 2007
HP won't help me fix the configuration because it's out of warranty, even though it happened once before--same problem--when it was in warranty. While I really don't have the time, I'm going to have to go back and return this piece of junk...Unless someone might possibly know how to reconfigure the blasted thing?
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Reconfigure? You've got to give us more details about what problem you're having... or you could just buy a new printer.
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The printer is somehow not working, it happened when I put in new ink. It just isn't talking with my computer.
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I will buy a new one, and certainly never again any HP product (!). I was just wondering if anyone could help, but now that I think of it, I think there was something they had to take over to make this work. It was really not functioning right from the beginning, but they gave me a fix that worked until now. I could pay them more, but I can't because I am so furious with them.
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HP Generally makes very high quality products, so I am surprised at your issues. Are you getting any lights on the unit when powered up, or is it just sitting there blank? Have you tried unplugging it, leaving it unplugged for about 5 minutes, then plugging it back in?
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I've had nothing but problems w/ my HP printers. I do love my Canon, though.
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I've done all the things I should do. There was something wrong with this printer, and I had to have someone do something to make it work in the beginning, and this is the same problem. The thing is, the machine is now out of warranty, and they expect me to pay for the help. I should have returned it right away and gotten one that didn't have this particular bug, but I am expected better service--ie, better than the no service they are giving me. This thing goes back tomorrow, and I will buy a different brand. I only hope I kept the box...
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HP used to make good stuff, and they still are the standard bearer (as in HP-compatable). However, their customer service has declined in recent years, since the merger, and you can research other people's complaints about HP on Consider moving up to a low-end laser jet instead of the ink jet. Because of ink replacement prices, the long term cost is about the same.

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