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What is the cause of your depression?

Asked by mindful (342points) January 20th, 2011

-If you don’t mind sharing.

-What caused it?
-What bothers you?
-What do you think will get you out of this?

-If its by bullying, why are you depressed? why does ____ affect you?Will social acceptance or something similar will get you out of it?

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- A chemical imbalance that I inherited from my father’s side of the family.

- In general? There are a lot of things that bother me, but I don’t think that has to do with depression. I think it has to do with my personality.

- Out of depression? I doubt anything, but a better idea of how to cope with things that I did not decide to have, if you know what I mean.

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Chemical imbalance.

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-the world, too much academia + thinking
-other people, the state of the world, politics + industry, animal cruelty, bittersweet revelations
-pharmas but it used to be a lotta drinking (as it worked best)

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Without a medical diagnosis there’s no sure way for a sufferer of depression to know.

That is, it might be ‘simple’ to assign some proximate event as “cause” of one’s depression (“my apple died”, “my apple left me”, “I don’t like apples, but I have to live among them”, or whatever) there’s probably a medical reason for anyone’s depression, and all we do is associate that with the nearest “unfavorable event” in our lives and consider that its cause.

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I have Asperger’s syndrome which basically adds up to limited ability to know/use social skills and cues which means making friends is a rare, rare occurrence. So I’m depressed because besides my boyfriend (whom I only see once a month) I have no one to share myself with. So I make up elaborate fantasies with people I made up who care about me, which depresses me more because I know they aren’t real, and I know it’s sad I’m so isolated I have to make up people to keep me company and share my inner world with.

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Fucked up brain chemistry.

It might have had a little to do with things like feeling unlovable or by never being able to please my parents. Then again, it might have been the other way around.

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Rotten luck at getting a brain that’s wired incorrectly.

I battle it by religiously taking my medication, by meditating, by exercising, and by talking about it with professionals and very close friends.

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– When am fighting with family
– feeling like a loser because I have no boyfriend or what so ever
– lack of exercise and healthy eating

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-Death of a friend
-Death of pets
-Horrible self-esteem

That’s it for now.

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I have an anxiety disorder and when I am going through a bad “episode” with it, depression kicks in, too.

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Constant pain from a car accident two years ago and a lot of stress

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Well, I was medically evaluated and recieved treatment for it but the triggers were sexual abuse and molestation I suffered as a child. Also, physical and verbal abuse. I dealt with PTSD and manic depression for a long time. Now I am no longer on medication or getting therapy I just get by on surrounding myself with positive things and people. I also meditate a lot. If I ever have a flashback or an episode it is usually triggered by the feeling that I am trapped or when I recieve unwanted attention.

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I am proud to say there is no depression here. i am blessed.

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