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What are some things (besides holidays) that you personally associate with each month?

Asked by Vunessuh (16712points) January 20th, 2011

These things can be events, situations, incidences, birthdays, people, deaths, births or life-altering moments that have happened in your life that you now associate with a particular month because of the time that it happened.

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I associate September with schools starting, my best friend’s b-day and my father’s death. I associate October with Pride Month at NYU and November with my other best friend’s bday and my brother’s death. December – my partner’s b-day and last month of the year. January – my son’s and my birthday as well as my moms and my friends. February – being a short month that I never notice. March – with spring and better weather. April – another month I never notice. May – sometimes means end of the semester, right before the summer. All summer months – my oldest’s b-day, a time to hit the beach and relax.

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I think of the months (and days, too) as colors. February, for example, is green. No, I don’t know why, but I do. I guess that’s not what you meant, but it’s what I got…

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February marks the start of the ‘Land Based Game Fishing Season’ on the east coast of Australia!yay! Im so excited!

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My Mother died.
My birthday. I was born on Mother’s Day
Lilacs blooming and Lily of the Valley. Also, we have a blooming crabapple tree at my Dad’s.


Gay Pride


Mom’s Bday on St. Paddy’s Day.
When I started dating Nikki


My niece’s birthday and Gotcha Day (the day that she was adopted)


My beautiful girl’s bday

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These are exactly what I was looking for. Thanks everyone.

@JilltheTooth Colors are good too! I forgot about that. I associate green with February as well and red with July and blue with April for April showers and white with December and orange with November and October. :)

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February always means spring break and time to catch up on all my schoolwork.

April is crunch time – time to finish up all my school stuff.

May is my birthday.

July used to mean Warped Tour but I haven’t been for a few years.

August means FanExpo.

September means school starts.

And December is midterm crunch time.

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Jan, Return to work! :-/
Feb, work.
Mar, work.
Apr, work.
May, work, holiday to Scotland…..
Jun, work.
Jul, work, my birthday….
Aug, work, holiday to Scotland..
Sep, work, mothers birthday….
Oct, work. Sisters birthday..
Nov, work. Bonfire night. BBQ. Brothers birthday…
Dec, work, holiday with friends.. Sisters birthday…

The weekends are a little more exciting! :-/

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Jan-Hot dogs
Mar-Cobalt Carbonate
Apr-My sister’s kitchen floor
May- Cobalt Oxide
Jun-Warm water
July-Potatoes Joe
Aug-Muscamoot Bay
Sept-Cedar Waxwings
Oct-Burnt sienna

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Is Hamsammich, Mi, Hamtramck, lol?

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@Jude You’ve been there,I see? XD

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I have, lady. That’s German country. Not to be mistaken with Flint, which is straight ladies with mullets country.

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January reminds me of straight ladies with mullets in Flint.

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@Jude-Ham-town is Pole-town,actually.Have you been to Lily’s?
@Vunessuh -They are called Fullets.

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Pole-town? Shit. Not sure why I thought German. German, Polish, same thing. ;-)

@Vunessuh Flint has some scaryass women there. And, apparently, they’re called Fullets. I had no idea, lol!

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@Jude -XD I have a friend that sends me postcards from there of the Pope. XD

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Jan..renewal, the days start to get longer
Feb..almost the end of winter
Mar..spring is near
Apr..fresh spring air
May..planting flowers
Jun..uh oh, summers coming, warm weather
Jul..dammit hot weather birthday :D
Sep..yay! summer’s almost over
Oct..Fall colors
Nov..Thanksgiving, oops! I mean food
Dec..dark days
And every month there is a special birthday in the family.

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Feb : My son’s birthday & valentines day.
Apr : Easter time, wife’s birthday & the weather finally starts to pick up.
May : Football season ends :¬(
July : Long summer school break for kids, my daughters birthday :¬)
Aug : Football season resumes
Sep : School returns
Oct : My birthday, family holiday
Dec : Christmas Yay! :¬) I know you said besides holidays but hey, I love Xmas.

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January – Boyfriend’s birthday
February – Dad’s birthday
March – nothing in particular
April – Grandmother’s birthday
May – Mother’s birthday
June – My Birthday
July – End of school year (I don’t go to school anymore but I am always jealous of school kids in July), other Grandmother’s birthday.
August – Nothing in particular
September – Up until last ear I felt very negative about September but last year I had the most amazing trip to the States (and saw Cher in Vegas) and hopefully I will be heading back to the States this September too.
October – Best friend’s birthday, October is one of my favourite months because it is the start of Autumn, my favourite season.
November – Nothing in particular
December – Brother’s birthday, time off work.

@JilltheTooth, I do the same but February for me is more of a bluey colour.

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October is my favorite month. Within those 31 glorious days are my birthday, the first really true feel of autumn and the beginning of cool weather, turning leaves, the kick-start to the oncoming holiday season of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Yom Kippur and Christmas, and the annual return of many wonderful memories from Octobers past.

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Final Fantasy IV. (known as Final Fantasy II in America) It was a freezing ass January evening, shortly after New Year’s. My dad took me to the pawn shop and said I could choose a video game. You know since we were like dirt poor, my present was late lol. So I ended up taking Final Fantasy IV, barely knowing what it was. I thought it would be like Legend of Zelda or something, but far from that…I didn’t like it at first. But later in the evening, playing it again, it just clicked…it was freakin’ awesome.
That time, and that game were very pivotal for me mainly because it engraved in stone my love for role playing games henceforth. Damn that trip to the pawn shop and back was cold though…

It also represents the death of one of my cats. :( It died right on New Year’s on a cold and snowy day. That fucking sucked. Took it to the vet, it was about five PM, and they said I needed 500 dollars to keep him alive for another 24 hours or so, rush him in Montréal for a 2000 dollar operation that would only maintain him for about two weeks. I was fucking devastated, got him put to sleep and went and cried on the steps of the vet clinic haha.

Hope. Especially last year. When I was hard up and couldn’t manage to pay my heating bills…well, it was still Winter, so they couldn’t cut off my service. Haha. Gave me hope and motivation to try and fix the problem.

Puddles. It’s also my birthday in March, so melting snow and huge puddles are also associated with the month. I had some pretty kick ass birthdays at times though, and this type of warm, melty weather always reminds me of cool birthdays I had lol. ...thought I was gonna say something all emo about puddles of tears and shit right? XD

I just realized what I said, puddles of shit lol.

I can’t think of anything that this month symbolizes for me, so April O’Neil from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Which, might I add, kicks ass. Love the first movie anyway. Master Splinter, my favourite character, says this to his disciples in the movie…You are ninja! Do not forget it! And…do not forget me. And I never did. ’‘bows’’

Also Casey Jones, ftw. I thought the actor was so hawt when I was younger…the only time it pissed me off seeing a guy wear a hockey mask while he’s beating the shit outta folks. What am I talking about.

Work. I don’t know why but…a lot of the jobs I’ve had, I have started in this month…I don’t quite get how this happens.
But the month of May represents for me morning walks on my first day of work, nervous as shit, while the birds and the lawnmowers sing with the Sun.

Intense fucking heat. Last year we had a heatwave, and it created a dry spell in many cities around here. Some cities were even asked to not waste too much water, and to avoid watering lawns or cleaning driveways. I’m never gonna forget that. Evarz.

The album Mutter by Ramstein. Some years ago I was going through a really shitty time, worse Summer of my damn life. I kept listening to this album constantly, like three times a day. I think it helped me get through shit a bit.

Camping. When I was little I went camping a lot, my mom was a big fan. I never got along with her though, but she seemed to be more in her element in the wilderness, or at least, really shoddy camping areas. We got along fine then. But really only then.
We had two places we went to, usually. One was really ancient, and just had outhouses and some small store that just sold ice and like, war rations from fucking like, 1918 or something. But it was awesome. The other place is an actual Viking landing site, a bit more modern and tourist oriented. But man it was great.
Walking around at night checking out people’s lit up trailers and shit with those coloured plastic light things, staying up all late by a fire eating smokeys, and spending my days playing in the lake, catching bugs or exploring all these cool places. I strayed far off often, and found some scary places, too…
I hate camping today though, since back then I didn’t know anything about video games haha.

September to me is a bit like May, since you go back to school. I hated school, especially those years when I was attending a new school. I attended a lot of new schools since my parents were always moving. Still, it also symbolizes something important…freedom!
Freedom from getting out of school, walking home in the perfect September air, and looking forward to reading all the horror story books for kids I kept taking out of the school library.

Yeah I know you didn’t want any holidays, but Halloween to me is more than a holiday. I loved Halloween. So much. My favourite time of year. And here’s where I get all corny.

When I was a kid Halloween was totally magical to me. Nothing was bad, nothing could go wrong, it’s like I was in some other world. I looked forward to it all the month long, drawing decorations of spooks and sticking them everywhere. I drew haunted houses, and like these plans of what they looked like inside and where all the horrors were at. I had this pumpkin shaped book with all these activities for kids that my dad got me, and this other cool book on how to draw horror stuff. I loved those.
I went outside and walked around the hood, checking out people’s Halloween decorations, and loving every minute of it. Some dude even had a real, metal coffin standing up in his yard. I spent what little allowance I had on glow in the dark skeletons or rubber bats and slept with them lol, making them have adventures in my bed. (nothing perverted :p )

And when the day came…it was the only time I think that Calvin’s dad was wrong; the moment of anticipation is not greater than the awaited moment. So my costumes were always shitty and homemade, I usually went as a witch. I did get a cool plastic steeple hat from the drug store once though. That didn’t bother me though, I was somewhere else, where ghosts exists, witches stalk the skies, zombies and skeletons walk amongst the living and vampires rule the night. And we were all the best of friends!
Well I can’t really describe it, but I felt really happy and like, it was all magic and shit.

Today, during October, I walk around and check out decorations, and on most Halloween nights, I give out candy, and see all these kids dressed up. But my magic is gone. I never feel like I did when I was little. Ecxept sometimes that feeling comes back for like, a split second. It’s like having a word you forgot on the tip of your tongue, and then it vanishes again. I don’t know how else to splain it. But I like to think that when this does occur, it’s all the ghosts and witches and spooks saying hi to me, and leaving again to go marvel the children of today, on Hollow’s Eve, the greatest of nights.


Darkness. This is the darkest month of the year and I love it. I love when it gets dark at like four thirty in the afternoon and only gets fully light at a quarter to nine. It makes me feel at peace.

Morning and night, they come in a pair, darkness and light, together fill the air. Incidentally that comes from Final Fantasy IV but eh…

What I remember the most of December is, again…decorations. Not a big fan of Christmas but I really love Christmas decorations, especially angels. Yes, I’m admitting it. :D
When I was really small my dad would take me outside in the evening in late December. He would drag me around on this plastic red sled to look around the hood and check out all the lights and decorations and shit. I was amazed. That’s more Christmas to me than pretty much anything else I experienced in that holiday. Except last year was actually pretty fucking awesome too.
Another thing it symbolizes though…a shitload of binge drinking lol.

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