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A question about character assasination?

Asked by mindful (339points) January 20th, 2011

Where you ever a target or victim of character assasination?

If you were not, how would you react to someone who has experienced this issue?

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People who try to do that to someone need to be “talked” to…..

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yeah so i just stirred up as much trouble as i could!

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@coffeenut Yeah, those people do need a check up. However, sometimes its like a group of people versus the target. I had that scenario in mind when I was asking this question. It’s usually people who envy you or may find some kind gain from you defamation.

@963chris What?

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i was the victim of character assassination. it can easily happen – in social media circles especially. for example, you say one thing that is misinterpreted within a talk thread + you can easily become a marked man by a clique of peeps with seniority or who form a significant social circle within the community. ive seen this happen to others as well as we found ourselves to be on the shit-side of the stick!

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@mindful Well…. speaking from experience the more people the more fun easier it is…. life is too short to deal with that shit.

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I was once the internet target of a convicted stalker, and when she got out of the mental hospital, she filed a lengthy lawsuit against me and 100 other people she blamed for her problems. In the body of the lawsuit, she wrote a paragraph of ridiculous lies about me, personally, but the suit was thrown out of court.

The lies she wrote are still on the internet, after several years of me and my lawyer trying to get it removed. She published the text of the entire lawsuit on several different free public sites, and it is impossible to track them all down. Plus there are several comments on various related sites, with the full text included.

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This was attempted one time in my life. i went undercover to learn the whole truth and the person behind the verbal attack on myself. after a few months, the truth finally surfaced. the person attempting to ruin my character was exposed and is now known as THE BACK STABBER.

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@coffeenut more fun? easier it is? for the defamation process? I am confused about your post.

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lol…um…..“You can speak volumes…..without ever saying a word”...


“One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself”

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@coffeenut why the second quote?

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I have no character, so it can’t be assassinated.

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@wundayatta: dang! thats like a flat tasteless pancake;)

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@963chris Yeah. Someone used up my supply of maple syrup.

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Yes, during one very unfortunate period in my life I was the brunt of some very vindictive and hateful rumor-mongering. I managed to identify the individual primarily responsible. I won’t tell you what I did to him, but the entire issue came to a screeching halt.

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Junior high, for most students, is simply an ongoing character assault.

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@mindful um…....separate they have meaning…..together they have meaning….

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@coffeenut you ruined the rep of someone who was hurtful to others? quit talking in riddles.

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@mindful….....incriminating evidence is stronger than words…..real or not….you become guilty until proven innocent…...and sometimes anonymity is useful….

Don’t start the game unless you know the rules the intentional person plays it by….

Sorry for the riddles….but sometimes it’s necessary….I’ve helped as much as I can Help…So Whatever path you choose to take….I hope it takes you where you want to go…
Good Luck.

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