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What internet pages do you leave open on your iPhone?

Asked by Trustinglife (6623points) April 12th, 2008 from iPhone

We only get 8 windows – how do you use yours? Just curious…

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There’s too many to list all but I’ll give you my top ten (in no real order), and I use all of these often.

1. Fluther
2. Wikipedia
3. Converter
4. Rapid Access Memory
5. Piano
6. Seek a Sale
7. Google
8. iConnect4
9. iCook

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Launchrz – it has all my favorite pages on my own page, and I leave it always as my first page and launch other webapps from there.

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1. Fluther
2. Yahoo
3. Apple/iPhone/webapps (gotta see what’s new)
4. MindDojo
5. Kingdom Game

The last 3 are left free for exploring new weird and wonderful web apps….but then, I’ve only had my iPhone for a week, so we’ll see how long before I run out of pages…

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1. Fluther
2. Time Life
3. Google
4. Yahoo One Search
5. Weather
6. Mahjong
The other two I leave open to explore as Wildfire above stated.

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1. Fluther

I like it clean.

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@delirium, I’m like you!

Keep it simple, Keep it clean!

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I mostly have games and perezhilton

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Thanks guys! How fascinating. Seems like such a personal thing that I would normally never hear about. Great to get some new perspectives. I should answer my own question, shouldn’t I?

1. Fluther
2. Google calendar
3. Steve Pavlina’s blog – “personal development for smart people”
4. Facebook (fun to see my friends’ statuses)
5. MLB scores, news, and fantasy team

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