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Where was the first use of TL;DR?

Asked by ben (8681points) January 20th, 2011

TL;DR is a modern abbreviation for “Too long; didn’t read” used to summarize content, often in a casual online setting.

I’ve seen its use rise over the last six months, but I’m very curious when/where it started, and if it’s older than I think. Anyone know?

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I first encountered it in 2005–06 on 4chan. I’m tempted to say it originated there, but here is a forum post asking what ‘tl;dr’ means in June of 2003 – a few months before 4chan’s ‘official’ launch.

See also.

Edit: Slightly earlier (March) definition written at UrbanDictionary. Second one.

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@absalom Interesting… already much older than I surmised.

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I wish I knew about it, could use it here sometimes although it sounds kind of snarky.

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I first came across it many years ago on (sadly missed)

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I always assumed it was a 4chan thing as well. 80% of internet memes come from that place as is.

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Some gangster once said, after being asked if he read the book…The Lord O’ Deh Rings? Ain’t readin’ that fuggin brick, yo! Too long!

Or in my world that’s how it originated anyways… @uberbatman is probably right though.

lol 4chan.

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