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How can I replicate that just-out-of-the-shower feeling?

Asked by quarkquarkquark (1690points) January 20th, 2011

Spiritually, I mean. Or emotionally. I feel “bad” a lot of the time compared to when I get out of the shower in the morning or at night (and frequently, both in a day), when instead I feel empowered, happy, relaxed, enthusiastic, etc… Don’t get me wrong – I’m a well-being fanatic. I eat healthy, run, lift weights, meditate, and spend most of my alone time reading or playing guitar. But man – compared to when I throw on some clean clothes after a shower, the rest of my life exists under a kind of malaise. Why does a shower feel so good? And how can I feel so good without constantly showering? It’s hardly sustainable, especially not if I end up living somewhere without ready access to running water (as I may) or if I’m concerned about the environment (as I am).

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I dunno; I think that showers have the market cornered there. Maybe scrub yourself with a towel and move from a warm, humid room into a cooler, dryer one.

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Hmm, i remember reading somewhere that it may have something to do with negatively charged ions coming from the running water or some such thing. Similar to the way the oceans shore is calming for many people, and apparently why asian cultures love indoor water features so much. Maybe install a large italian fountain in your living room?

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@Arbornaut Two great minds with but a single thought, as my mom used to say.

Look into high-density negative air ionization. There does seem to be some actual real science behind it so I think it might be worth looking into.

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Three great minds with but…

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Big Mac and cola

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Snowball fight with friends, followed by dinner with those same friends.
I think that the temperature difference might be key.

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Sneeze. sometimes, a good healthy sneeze is uplifting for the soul. the right sneeze can make you tingle all over. it works for me and i save on my water bill.

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Carry a spray bottle with you and give yourself mini showers throughout the day.

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Take another shower.

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