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What band names do you like?

Asked by meiosis (6468points) January 21st, 2011

What unusual, weird, funny, profound, pretentious or tasteless band names do you like? You don’t have to like their music (or even have heard any of it) but for some reason you just like the name.

Inspired by @ucme’s question on song titles

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The Rugburners. Amazing band, very talented and good looking too! ;)

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Joe Walsh. Not a band, but he cracks me up.

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Nice one @lemming, I like it

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Blue Oyster Cult. Stalk Forrest, Head East

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Wang Chung

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Cobra Starship is a weird name for a band

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My inner schoolboy likes to smirk at Raging Speedhorn

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Just for a general chuckle, I had Hinder cranking yesterday and a 70ish woman stuck her head in my office to say she liked the music.

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Years ago, there was a music group called the New Christy Minstrels.
I had a friend in the punk rock band The New Crusty Nostrils.

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That’s my favourite one so far, @absalom

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Of course, there is the Dead Kennedys

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It just seems to represent what America stands for.

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@meiosis – Yeah, I’ve always loved their name. They make pretty good music videos, too.

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Hmmm . . . Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head comes to mind.

Also, 2010’s awful band names

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Sodom. It’s one letter away from Sodomy!
I also like the band name “Vinterland” because it gives you a mental image of a snowy place somewhere in Scandinavia, where the main population mostly consists of vikings and topless (and busty) Nordic women

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Tony Danza’s Tapdance Extravaganza

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Neon Trees

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@efritz That link is fabulous, thanks – Father Befouled is so bad it’s good

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Shitdick and the Sore Assholes.

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I’m pretty fond of all of these. And yes, they are all real bands. I’ve been collecting unusual band names for a long time now because sometimes I get bored.

Slow Gherkin
Meat Whistle
Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash
Ominous Seapods
Electronic Skychurch
Jumbo’s Kill Crane
Free Toy Inside
String Cheese Incident
Meat Puppets
Gat Rot
Lollipop Losers
Jed’s A Millionaire
Cornelius & the Damn Apes
Sweep the Leg Johnny
3 Chord Monkey & the Drunk Drivers
Ghandi’s Garage
Hillybilly Devilspeak
Joe Would Be Ruler
Alex & the Klingons
The Fuck You Up’s
Blood Drained Cows
8 Stops 7
Sprung Monkey
Hammertoes Shrink
Me First and the Gimme Gimme’s
Krak Smokin’ Grannies
Trailer Park Zorros
Rocky Mountain Skull Busters
Sandpaper Luv
17 Four Eyes

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@Bluefreedom String Cheese Incident – love it!

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@meiosis. That’s one of my favorites also. =)

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Tower of Power
Panic! at the Disco

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The Wombats and Neon Trees

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