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What are some of the things we do for love?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) January 21st, 2011

Okay, I admit I got this idea for a question from an oldie, I heard this morning, by 10cc, The Things We Do For Love. The song may be an oldie, but what exactly do you do or have you done, out of love, for your s/o? Things that you would not normally do, if you did not have the love bug? Example: I cleaned the snow off my wifes car this morning. I did not have to, so I guess this is one of the “things” we do for love. Question: what are some of the things you do for love?

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Move 4,000 miles.

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take her a quart of Tom Yum when she is sick
pick her up from the airport
buy her books or CDs she might like as a surprise

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Zenvelo, good answer. so true.

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Shut my mouth. XD

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There are so many. Like last night she was resting so I went and did the dishes so she wouldn’t have too. She usually beats me to them. Making sure she has some water when I take her her dinner and make sure she has a napkin. Being quiet when I get up so that she can sleep a little longer as I go to work early. Making her breakfast in bed during the weekend. And the big one I did was take care of all her medical needs for over a year while she suffered a close to death sickness. This included all the house work and taking her for walks as she was learning how to walk again. Getting her wheelchair and oxygen in the car so she could take a ride and get out of the house. Many other things as well.

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Got up very early and drove 17 hours total to a tradeshow in Lexington and then again all the straight to meet up with her for our special evening together! It was well worth it!! ;)

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Hand him the remote control and Dr. Pepper, then head to the kitchen to cook him dinner….I seriously have done this before and cracked myself up when I realized it…

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Summum, there will be a place in heaven for you. acts of kindness are never overlooked. good for you.

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I’m going to Canada. I leave today to look for a guy.. Yes, I am crazy in lust. I’m also going to go in the summer. I’m going to find him. I’m either going to be happy or heartbroken at the end of all of this. Wish me luck!

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Put up with her all these years! Nineteen years….19! I’d have been out on good behaviour by now had it been a prison sentence XD She knows i’m only joking….don’t you darling? What’s that? I’d better run where dear? Oh my god… don’t hit me with that pan, not the head, plea…...flatline ———————-

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I’ve been a giver and taker, often giving more than I’ve gotten; sometimes taking more than I’ve deserved. I’ve grown wiser with love, but still capable of stupidly risking all for love. I’ve learned the patience of love, but I long to feel the quickness of love. I’ve believed that it was all there is, and I’ve known that it can leave you with nothing. I’ve experienced the love of a mother, and I’ve given love as a mother. I’ve been blinded by love, and I’ve attained great clarity with love. I’ve done everything to please the one I love, and I’ve sometimes been left with nothing by the one I love. I think it’s just the rhythm of life – unless I’m wrong, of course ;-)

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stopped going out drinking on a regular basis

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I do far too much to list here. An example: I never order more than four sandwiches or fifteen beers during any twelve hour period.

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