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What is the "perfect climate"?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7892points) January 21st, 2011

I heard on a radio show where the DJs have absolutely nothing to talk about, people talking about the perfect climate to live in. Most people said it would be warm and sunny, and never snow.
What is your perfect climate?

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65–70 degrees year round. I’d be able to work out and not complain about how hot it is outside….and I think alot of people would be willing to go outside too.

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I love where I am and can experience all the seasons. I love each and every season and some of the year wouldn’t seem the same without the snow. Like Christmas, I have almost always had a white Christmas. I love the colors of the fall and the new crisp air. I love the early thaw in spring and watching everything becoming new again. The summers are great as well.

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I actually love the change of seasons. I think the climate in North Carolina is pretty nice.

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70 to 80 degrees with low humidity. I don’t mind a little rain and overcast skies, of course. Too many sunny days can be annoying when you’re always outside.

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For me, it would never get over 75 degrees nor go under -10. There would be 4 distinct seasons and except for when it was close to raining, the humidity would not be high. Nor would it be desert dry. There would be snow in the winter, too. If anyone knows somewhere like this, please let me know!

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Low 80’s during the day, 60’s at night. Blue skies and sunny. Stray cloud every so often is ok. Moderate humidity.

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72 degrees, party cloudy with a light breeze.

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My perfect climate would be no warmer than 65 or so degrees, year-round, and in the 40s or so whenever I wanted to do a long bike ride or garden or other exertions. Rain is good, blue skies are good.

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I prefer somewhere with a lot of variation, I think I don’t have the attention span necessary to not get bored with 70’s and sunny every day. Also, I really like really cold weather. I’m in Minnesota right now, and I quite enjoy it. If anything though, I’d prefer it to be a little less hot in the summer, topping out at around 90, instead of 100.

@tedibear The upper bound you put on heat makes it difficult to find a place where it still snows. If you drop the snow though, you’d probably like Western Washington/Oregon.

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I would need actual seasons wherever I lived. I’d like it if it didn’t get below -10C or above 25C. I hate extreme heat and am not a huge fan of the cold.

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@satyagraha and @JLeslie – Isn’t the great northwest kind of damp? (And therefore humid.)

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@tedibear I think daily humidity averages around 85%, night time is lower. Maybe 60’s? I’d have to look it up. They do get many days with some sort of precip, like our Pacific Northwest. The thing is the averages for humidity might be misleading, because days it rains it is extremely high, and then other days it could be very pleasent. Vancouver is a wonderful city. Personally, I like sunshine and warm weather too much to call it my ideal city, but I would live there a few years in a heartbeat.

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@tedibear I remember once reading that parts of NY and NJ are in the top 100 cities for low humidity. But, they are near the bottom of the list. Humidity averages in the 50’s or 60’s can’t remember.

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A place where I get all the seasons except for winter. An extended period of slightly-colder-than-autumn would be fine, but I find snow to be rather dispensable. I would also want the summers to not get hotter than 85°F and have low humidity.

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I don’t like extremes, too cold or too hot.

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I would love for Autumn to last all year long. The crisp air, the colors, the seasonal foods…ah…
I love it!
60 degrees would be perfect.

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