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Do you thinke "Fat" application is offensive?

Asked by chelle21689 (6995points) January 21st, 2011

I see people posting on Facebook a picture of them being overweight using an ap. They would make jokes like “I love my food!” or “Haha, am I sexy now?” or “Piggy!”

I think it’s offensive making fun of fat people in public like that especially if you have some overweight friends. It could hurt their feelings.

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Unfortunately there are many who have not had to experience this awful situation and don’t understand or even care too. Yes it is not a nice thing to make fun of anyone who happens to be obese. By posting an altered picture of yourself and then placing a comment below it does cause some others pain. I don’t think many would care but I think some would quit if they thought that someone was hurt by it.

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I don’t care. Up until my sophomore year of high school I was made fun of for being fat. It hurt yes but it also motivated me to lose the weight. Of course they didn’t want me to lose the weight because they needed people like me to make fun of. I lost it anyways. People are very mean and nasty and demand perfection. The best thing to do is ignore them. In a way it’s good for you. Obesity is not a thing that should be treated like a race, religion or style. It can kill you so it’s best to just ignore them and do something about the obesity. I however am not assuming that you are obese.

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I’m considered to be obese but I never beat myself up over it. People have made fun of weight all my life, but I’ve even made fun of my weight all my life too. I will never deny the fact that Claudia loves food, and no matter what, will always be a fat girl inside. I know alot of people who are sensitive when it comes to their weight, but there are ways to fix it. I have lost 35 pounds in 3 months at one point in my life (when I was thinking about joining the Navy) and was about 5 pounds away from that goal. What I trying to say is, it isnt that hard to eat right and to exercise a little each day. It really isn’t…If I could do it, I’m sure alot big people can do it too. I’m back to my old weight now, but its because I’ve gotten lazy, which to me isnt a big deal. And I’m now back to exercising and eating right. Which I love doing anyway. I think people should learn to laugh at themselves once in a while, and to not listen to what other people say. The only thing that matters is what you think of yourself.

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I don’t think it is offensive, but then again I am not fat.
But here is the sad sorry truth. If a person is overweight, they either like it or they don’t.
If they like it, then anybody can say what they want, because it doesn’t matter to them. They like it.
If they don’t like it, they can do something about it. There is no mystery in the 21st century about how to lose weight. There is only the presence or absence of ambition to do it. And if someone who is overweight does not like it, and thus are put off by comments about it, then they can change that. If they choose.

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Yes, I think that’s wrong.
I think it is wrong to make fun of the way anyone looks. Period.

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Of course I think it’s offensive. People have nothing better to do, apparently. I wish them all thyroid conditions which would, through no ‘fault of their own’, lead them to obesity and therefore ridicule, so that they know what it feels like.

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There are a lot of assholes in the world who will make fun of anyone for anything. Fuck ‘em. They just don’t see how stupid and immature they are. And likely can’t pick up on any higher level of humor, even that pointing out how stupid and immature they are.

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@josie “they can change that” “they can do something about it.” “There is no mystery in the 21st century about how to lose weight”

You seem to suffer the delusion that losing weight is simple. You seem to think that all people have to do to lose weight is to want to do it. This idea is wrong. There are plenty of people who have significant health issues that cause them to carry extra weight and hold onto it despite their efforts to lose. There are plenty of people who have tried everything that you can think of and more to lose weight and it doesn’t work. Its not as simple as “the presence or absence of ambition to do it.” Thinking of it that way is as simple-minded as saying all we have to do to fix the economy is to give everyone a job without dealing with how complicated that can be and all the mechanics that go into what can be a monumental task.

Here is the real “sad sorry truth.”

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir- That isnt fair to wish a thyroid conditions to anybody, that isnt funny. My mom has a thyroid condition and its making her life a living hell…It breaks my heart to even think about it….nobody deserves that…

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@klutzaroo The original question was do I find it offensive. The answer is no. I personally do not. I gave the reason why. I acknowledge and appreciate that other people might find it offensive. But I can not promise that I will always have a vicarious experience every time someone else is offended. I may on some occasions defend them, but I am not offended. So that is that.

As per the rest of my comment. I know all sorts of folks who have disorders, or take meds or whatever that make it easier for them to gain weight. But many of them manage their weight. They are working harder than other folks, to be sure, but they are doing it.
Others with similar issues that I know are not managing their weight. Some of them do not even try, and they admit it. Fair enough. Others complain that they diet and exercise, but in fact, they really don’t. They eat too much of the wrong shit, and they really are not exercising in a fashion that will impact how they use calories. But I can not live their life for them, and I am not in a position to preach to or to coach them. But I know the facts of reality, even if they don’t, so that is that.

Finally, there are always the folks who are legitimate special cases, the bona fide outliers. I don’t have an answer for them. If they hate it, I am sorry for them. I am not including them in my comment. If human choice is not involved, there is no moral judgement to render.

But I still do not find the app offensive.

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@josie “They are working harder than other folks, to be sure” “But I know the facts of reality, even if they don’t, so that is that.” Keep digging that hole, show how little you know about reality. If you pass judgment on people without knowing how hard they do work, you are a part of the problem. If you take for granted that people who don’t manage to manage their weight aren’t working at it, you’re an idiot. Ever single person has different issues that leads to them being who they are. Every singe person. Some people, who have problems with weight, are fighting genetics, medical conditions, environment, income, and a host of other things that have to do with the actual reality of their situation. Others have their issues that lead to mental health problems, including genetics, environment… the list can go on or ages. You’re still sitting there with your simple-minded ideas about weight and all people having to do is work at it without acknowledging the fact that the group you should feel ashamed for judging consists of far more than the small number of people that you consider “legitimate special cases, the bona fide outliers.”

Not finding the app offensive and having ridiculous notions about weight gain, loss, management, whatever are two completely different things. Assuring people that all they have to do to lose weight is work at it is almost as offensive as making fun of them for it.

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I think what people want to do or say about pictures of themselves is entirely up to them. If they posted pictures of other people and ridiculed them, I would find that offensive.

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Sorry for the typo in the title!!

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I think it’s offensive but like I said I know it’s not healthy if you are morbidly obese. I’m not saying a super thin anorexic person isn’t healthy but a naturally thin person is less at risk compared to someone that is morbidly obese. My sister has this friend who is morbidly obese…by choice. She thinks its beautiful, sexy, and posts semi-nude photos of herself O.o She is severely overweight and it is hurting her literally from all that weight she carries.

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I think people should try to grow thicker skin.

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