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How often are you able to communicate with your partner daily/weekly (by phone, text, email or in the flesh), if you don’t live with them?

Asked by Jude (32162points) January 21st, 2011

For those of you who live with your SO, if you are apart from each other during the day, do you prefer to keep in contact during the day, or are you cool with waiting until you both get home?

Do you feel as though you have to talk to them at least once a day? If you don’t, it doesn’t feel right?

How about seeing them? How long can you go without seeing them?

:( It has been a long week, I am sick and I miss my SO.

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Daily, by e-mail, and most days by phone.

I see her at the very least once a month.

I’m trying to relocate.

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We used to both work but she has been sick for a while now so she hasn’t worked in a long time. I don’t mind being away but we usually talk on the phone one or twice a day. If either of us go on overnight trips we always make sure and talk at least once a day. Since she has been so sick I guess I was getting a bit over protective but I have backed that off a bit now and allow her to breath without me there. LOL She was pretty sick for a while and while she was in the hospital I learned everything I needed to do to care for her when she came home. That places you in a need to be there situation so when that no longer is needed it has been hard to back off and allow her some space though I have now done so. Smile

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We live together, but he works full-time and I go to school, so we don’t see each other much during the week. We don’t talk on the phone during the days, but we might send a text or two. Otherwise we just wait until we’re both at home.

Before we lived together, we saw each other every day. The longest I’ve gone without seeing him would be about 2 weeks, while I was in Italy. That was pretty tough, but we emailed every couple of days.

Feel better hon, it’s a beautiful day and you’ll get to see her soon :)

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My s/o works a little more than a block away from me, so we ride together most of the time. We usually don’t talk or anything during the day unless something comes up. I feel for you Jude. Across Int’l borders would drive me nuts. Jusr remember there is someone in the States looking North, and feeling her love.

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We hardly communicate, he’s an asshole.
Sometimes, when the phone rings and I see his name,
I get instantly irratated.
It’s unhealthy really….

just kidding.
I’m single.

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I communicate with her almost daily and we see each other several times a week.

Where does she live?

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@Brian1946 Mexico City, a bit more than an hour away by plane from Monterrey, where I live.

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If my wife and I are apart from one another, we talk via telephone or Skype at least once a day and for at least an hour. We’ve had to go without before due to technical difficulties when we were on different continents, but that’s fairly rare.

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Occasional email while at work, texting often, instant messaging every night, and usually a phone call too. We see each other every other weekend.

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My boyfriend and I usually speak on the phone at least twice a day and some days we use skype to IM throughout the day.

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When we didn’t live together then we texted several times a day, he’d call each night and we’d see each other every few days- it seemed very intimate, one on one then. Since we’ve been living together though, we text and talk by phone more , coordinating honey-do stuff, people visiting & family stuffs. r

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