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Battlestar Galactica Cyclons...

Asked by jovid52 (33points) April 12th, 2008 from iPhone

How is a person a Cylon? Are their memories false? Did they grow up from child, etc.?

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That’s the million dollar question. As far as we’ve seen, Cylon’s CANNOT grow age-wise.

They can, however, be implanted with false memories – as in the case of Boomer (or was it Sharon? Whatever, you know the model I mean), who believed she was human. BUT – Boomer’s “human” backstory was never provable, as is the case of these final cylon’s. Her family was all dead and her friends hadn;t known her for a very long time.

Sorry I don’t have a better answer – hopefully we’ll find out this season (we’d better)!

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It was boomer, not Sharon Agathon. I think they’re all called Sharon though.

I think only the “sleeper cylons” have false memories. I think the cylons who know what they are have memories that begin when their consciousness begins, not from childhood, since they were never children.

(But I’ve only seen through most of season 3, none of the current season.)

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I have asked myself this too…

I was gonna say, “Cylons have had human-like form for hundreds of years” (if I remember correctly Cylons have been evolving for thousands of years, right?), and could have been “put in place” as infants; but then realized they would have to be able to mature into adult form… not sure if that has been established. The alternative is that there were once human counterparts which were “replaced”—but you would think some character would have brought that up, since it would be a whole new level of crime on the Cylons part.

Even if placed as infants they likely would have “replace” a live human. If they were “put in place” later on, with false memories (which would be the easy part); the really hard part would be to create a seamless and believable insertion for others around them—don’t Saul and the Admiral know each other from WAY BACK? No one checked Saul’s work history, military training or background?

I think this aspect has to be chalked up to VERY BAD WRITING—unfortunately, this question is fairly central to the story’s believability…

Good catch Jovid52!

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@xxxciter, it’s actually not bad writing – your “catch” is part of the plot. There are two different types of cylons—the normal ones we’ve seen all along, and the “final” ones, which is what Colonel Tigh, Tirol, Sam, and Torrie are. They’re different from the regular cylon models, and we don’t know yet how they got to be in the positions they’re in now – neither do they, and neither do the other cylons at this point. I’m all caught up now (yay!) and judging by the teaser for the episode that will air this friday (Feb 13), it looks like we’re about to find out how they got to be where they are.

The plot of the show is very intricate, and if you miss any details – if you miss a single episode, or you don’t watch all of the movies and all the webisodes that accompany the regular seasons, it may seem like it doesn’t make sense, but really it does.

Don’t be so quick to judge, xxxciter, I think most of the hanging questions will be explained in time. (Although of course there are always a few loose ends).

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Yes, all had not yet been revealed which could answer our questions—the bulk of which now seems to have been disclosed?!? I’ve spent a good amount of time reading up on the BSG Wiki! I will now correct my speculation with apparent fact:

1 – I don’t know where I thought I read about such a long Cylon evolution—not so, all Cylon “evolution” has occured within one generation (under 50 years)

2 – All Skin-jobs are PLANTS
Officially, (from BSG Wiki) no Humanoid Cylon was ever a real boy… (or girl)

3 – The Centurions “used” the Ancient Cylons (the 13th Tribe) to achieve their God-directed purpose which was to REPLACE all of humanity (since they believed they are an improvement… this was passed on to the Humanoid Cylons, though Ellen “hoped” their mercy would prevail—also, needing humans to procreate doesn’t hurt either). At that time the “Final 5” were NOT RELATED in any way to the Centurions (which the 12 Tribes had created 52 years ealier).

*** It is unclear if the Centurions are actually still in any way related to the Skin-job Cylons. Since the Ancient Cylons (who left for Earth 2000 years before the Colonists had to leave Kobol) are the ones who created the Skin-jobs. The original Centurions had nothing to do with it—the closes they came were the “hybrids” which fly the baseships. My 2 theories are that the “Final 5” created either “physiological copies” of the themselves OR some sort of “Centurion/Ancient hybrid”—its not clear if the final 5 posses the same physiological superiority as the 7 models, or if the Skin-jobs are “improvements” on the Ancient Cylons!

NOTE that the Skin-jobs blocked sentience in the Centurions so as to prevent any kind of uprising (like they did against the humans)—hypocrites!!!

Its all really twisted! (developing on BSG’s prevailing theme of eternal return)... History Repeating…

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Garden of Eden parallel: Cavil/John/#1 is “Eve.” The Centurions are “Adam” (the Colonialists are “God(1)”—who created Adam). The Final 5 are “God”—who create Eve (and the rest…#2 thru 8).

Adam asks God for a “body” to play with…so, God makes Eve. Eve thinks God is lame for making her “human”, rebels against: God(2) by giving him a taste of being “human” AND God(1) by wiping them out using the rest of the Eve’s!

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@xxxciter – What’s the point of all this? What are you getting at?

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