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What are these bugs in my kitchen? And how do I politely run them out?

Asked by SundayKittens (5834points) January 21st, 2011

Recently I’ve been finding these mysterious insects on my plates, bowls, and other kitchen cabinet/drawer items. They are always dead. I never see them out and about.
They are kind of weevil-y…longish snout, black, and usually about the size of an ant. I live in the American midsouth/midwest , but I’ve never encountered these. What are they and how can I get rid of them without pesticides?
Help me, Jellies!

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Perhaps a photo, if you have the stomach?

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A snout indicates a weevil. Here’s a picture. Is this about right?

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Use glue traps. That’s what I use to control my cricket population.—Study the habits of the Weevil (which looks as evil as the name suggests!) so that you will better know where to place them.

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You probably have some flour or some other grain product that they are getting in to and breeding, Check your cupboards carefully.

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I do not know what these bugs are, but I think I know how to get rid of them.
Go through your entire kitchen and pantry and anywhere else where flour, rice, cereal, grain, crackers, or other things like that are present.
Throw away all packaged “organic” foods, such as Annie’s macaroni or organic cereals.
Inspect all other foods and throw away anything that’s old.
Never keep the cupboards open. Ever. Bugs are attracted to open cupboards.
Go back to buying big-name brands when it comes to cereals, those brands move quicker and the grains had pesticides on them at some point, which prevents point-of-origin infestations.

Sorry if i told you all stuff you already knew.

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Instead of going the way of @Kraigmo you can simply store your grains and grain products in the freezer. Bugs can’t breed in the cold.

As for killing ‘em, a good first step is move everything from the cupboards, then vacuum everything well with the strongest suction possible. That should help to remove any eggs hiding in cracks. You can also rinse everything down with bleach water after. Be careful with the bleach.

Do the same with the rest of the kitchen, including drawers, and floor. You should be good to go.

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Well, and don’t forget to apologize to them for taking their food away, and ask them to please not come back. [Wait Mods! The OP DID say she wanted to run them out ‘politely’ so this is on topic!]

Yes, there is something either out or old, old, old. Cereal or flour or something. FYI I have begun keeping all of my flour products in the freezer or the fridge for that reason.

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“FYI I have begun keeping all of my flour products in the freezer or the fridge for that reason.”

Same here. It also keeps the flour fresher longer, especially the ones I don’t use that often (I have quite a collection of odd flours!)

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Another trick is to use glass canning jars with vacuum seal metal lids. I put all dried grains, cereals, flour, nuts and crackers in them.

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I tried to zoom in as best I could, this one was tiny…the size of a small ant. Thanks for the suggestions so far….
@snowberry I think you may be right with that link. A weevil, I guess.

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Here are the jars that I love. The pint sized ones are perfect for me. My sis used the quart sized ones for flour and sugar.

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I’m with @Dutchess_III – see my answer to a similar problem with ants as long as the food supply is cut off. Good luck!

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