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What are all of the limited edition PSP's?

Asked by shniernan (986points) January 21st, 2011

This one will be quick today. I wanted to know, how many limited edition versions of the PSP have been made? Preferred links to amazon or ebay with the title.

I ask because I’m thinking about buying a PSP, but I’m pretty picky and it needs to be limited edition. However, I don’t want the peacewalker or bloodline’s bundles, and I am having big doubts about buying the renegade squadron bundle because it is a PSP 2000. I want a 3000 because I heard they’re sturdier (as opposed to the “slim” 2000 model), have a longer battery life, and a bigger screen. However…

I love star wars a lot… I don’t know fluther, can you help me out?

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God Of War; Ghost Of Sparta Bundle

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