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Does anyone know any "unofficial" college songs?

Asked by anartist (14779points) January 22nd, 2011

Like Dartmouth’s Eleazar Wheelock [audio file here]?
Or Cornell’s “Far above Cayuga’s waters” ?
I’m looking for both lyrics and audio.

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Believe it or not, most songs associated with colleges are unofficial. They work their way into a songbook without Boards approving their use. Over time, they become a tradition. >>> The same holds true for mascots about which the colleges let the student and alumni “figure it out.” There are exceptions. If the mascot works against the law, norms of good taste, campus policy, it may be banned on campus or in arenas. Also, there are outside forces, such as the NCAA, which bans mascots which have become unwanted by ethnicities. Currently no team can play in an NCAA sanctioned championship with any form of an American Indian symbol, name, or image.

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Dartmouth will always keep its Indian mascot, as the college was originally founded with a grant to bring higher learning to New England native Americans. My father, brother, niece and nephews who all attended Dartmouth also claim an Indian link since my father was formally inducted into the Penobscot Indian tribe by Governor and Chief Attean of the Penobscot Indian Nation of Maine. SEE

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Words to “Eleazar Wheelock”

Oh, Eleazar Wheelock was a very pious man;
He went into the wilderness to teach the Indian,
With Gradus ad Parnassum, a Bible, and a drum,
And five hundred gallons of New England rum.


Fill the bowl up! Fill the bowl up!
Drink to Eleazar and his primitive Alcazar
Where he mixed drinks for the heathen…
In the goodness of his soul.

The big chief that met him was the sachem of the Wah-hoo-wahs.
If he was not the big chief, there was never one you saw who was;
He had tobacco by the cord, ten squaws, and more to come,
But he never yet had tasted of New England rum.


Eleazar and the chief harangued and gesticulated;
They founded Dartmouth College and the chief matriculated.
Eleazar was the faculty and the whole curriculum
Was five hundred gallons of good New England rum.


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Ohio state’s “I don’t give a damn for the whole state of Michigan”

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@mowens what are the words?
Is there an audio online?

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Yes I am sure you can find it on youtube, unfortunately I cannot get to youtube from work. Google shows me this, but I can’t check it to make sure it is. Hahahaha

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@mowens that was very funny! Blended in with a football game.
another whole state of Michigan with funny images
This is an intense rivalry—there are a lot of Michigan replies, many very crude, and none, I believe, are unofficial songs
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